Green Homes

Green Homes - windmillA Green home is a eco-friendly way of living that is good for the environment , yourself and your family.  Another positive aspect of owning a green home is that it saves you money in the long run.  An environmentally friendly home uses less energy, water, natural resources and is healthier for its inhabitants.

Here are some benefits on owning a green home:

  • Recycled material makes the use of fewer natural resources
  • Green homes are built with high-quality material to make it more durable
  • More energy- efficient appliances saves you money on monthly utility bills
  • Utilizing specific building materials that are more efficient in keeping both cool and heated air inside the structure.
  • Green homes use toxin free materials which will have fewer mold and mildew problems that will help decrease health problems.
  • There is a rise in the market for buying a green home, this will help increase your value if you decide to sell your house in the future.

Even though certifications are necessary to make a home officially “green,” you can always make your home greener.  Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs, program your thermostats or optimize your water heater.  There are many little things that you can do around your house to conserve energy.  So keep up with trend and go green!

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