Modern Bathroom: Top Ten Trend’s of 2011

Modern Bathroom: Top Ten Trend’s of 2011 - modern bathroom idea jacuzzi aura bath

Out with the old and in with the new. 2011 is just around the corner and the new trends for home design have arrived.  If you are looking to revamp your bathroom, check out Interior Design Online’s article Modern Bathroom: Top Ten Trend’s of 2011. Eco-Friendly is now the rage with natural materials, water and energy saving bathroom fixtures, organic materials and colorful designs.

2011 Modern Bathroom Trends:

  1. Antique bathroom and furniture and accessories– Made of high quality plastic, natural stone and exotic wood
  2. Contemporary bathroom showers–  Energy and water saving whirlpools and showers
  3. Modern eco bathtubs design trends– Bathtubs with energy efficient LED lights
  4. Modern wood and stone bathtub design–  Made from Man Made stone materials
  5. Eco design trends– Eco friendly washer models, water saving bathroom faucets and energy efficient modern lights
  6. Smart sensor bathroom faucets– Remembers and regulates water temperature and pressure
  7. Eco bathroom lighting with LED lights
  8. Multifunctional contemporary bathroom décor– Comfortable, fashionable furniture that takes less space
  9. Modern luxury design- Installing wooden and stainless steel heaters.  Changes temperatures in accordance to personal preference
  10. Colorful modern design trends- High quality and colorful shower heads that are Eco friendly

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