The Latest Looks From the ICI Homes Design Center

It’s no secret that interior design trends come and go, much like the fashion we wear.

We at ICI Homes know this because we’ve built thousands of new custom homes all over the state of Florida for nearly four decades.Design Trends

We also know this: no one spots interior design trends like our design consultants at the ICI Homes Design Center.

They are the pros who guide home-building customers through their choices of interior finishes and materials prior to construction. The role demands knowing the latest and greatest, plus being able to help customers tailor products to their dream interiors.

Big job, right?

But it’s a fun one. Imagine being able to peer into crystal balls — that’s our design consultants’ busy minds! — and extract all sorts of on-trend design knowledge.

We’ll do just that below.

The classics remain classic

Janna Pettegrew, one of our ICI Homes design consultants, reminds us that some interior finishes and materials stick around despite the passage of time and trends.

“Certain colors of granite have been around forever and always look great,” Pettegrew says. “Wood flooring is never going to go out of style. Rich tones in cabinetry instead of whites and gray. Subway tile was extremely popular, went out, and now is coming back with all kinds of options.”

In today’s homes, wood-look floor tile — a top customer choice — combines wood’s timelessness with the near-imperviousness of tile. Tile also is versatile. You can chose planks that look like wood, or the traditional squares. Either can be an interior design winner.

“Tile is not going to go out of style,” Pettegrew says.

Contemporary looks

As of this writing, lighter, monochromatic color schemes are having their interior design moment.

“Whites and gray are really trendy right now,” Pettegrew says. “I’d consider those more contemporary right now.”

Apron-front sinks and farm sinks — old-school iterations of an utilitarian kitchen component — are so popular that customers have made them a contemporary classic. You know, that giant white mini-tub in your great-aunt’s house that could accommodate whole, defrosting turkeys and bath time for toddlers!

But, presented in fresh materials with artisan hardware, they’re worthy of that choice. They’re also statement pieces — another contemporary trend. Today’s home-building customers favor including showstopper elements such as a farm sink or exotic stone countertops.

Per Pettegrew, a statement piece reflects customers’ personal focal points.

“It comes down to where you want your focus to be,” she says. “New homes have more statement pieces in them.”

Florida-perfect options

When you build a new custom Florida home, consider using hardy materials that love our tropical climate as much as you do. Real wood floors always rock, but not where they’re exposed to constant traffic from the pool, or somewhere that’s not fully climate-controlled.

Humidity is a Florida reality, so chat with your design consultant. Pettegrew cites wood-look tile as a great wood alternative. She also calls your attention to a new material called luxury vinyl tile. One difference from wood-look tile: there’s no grout with luxury vinyl tile.

“It’s good in beach homes, with salt and water nearby,” she says. “It’s extremely durable when you have kids. That’s a good reason to go tile versus wood. Good price point, too.”

Traditional wood flooring does require maintenance — mopping, buffing, refinishing — and will accumulate wear-and-tear nicks from everyday life.

“Those two products are really good for Florida because you don’t have to worry about damage,” Pettegrew says of luxury vinyl tile and wood-look tile. “And if you spill something, you don’t have to worry about it.”

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