Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Being in the beautiful state of Florida means residents don’t quite experience the same Fall felt around a majority of the county. However, depending on where you are in Florida may depend on what kind of lawn care maybe needed. Here are the Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips:

  • Mow

Keep mowing your lawn until the grass stops growing. Mowing will keep the lawn healthy.

  • Clear the Surface

Once you’ve completed the last mow of the season, remove all debris from the lawn to prevent any rotting.

  • Dethatch

Dethatch the lawn to help the lawn breathe for the winter. You can use a dethatch rake, or rent a dethatcher.

  • Remove Loose Thatch

Rake up and dispose of the loose thatch.

  • Aerate

Allow for the lawn to breathe easier resulting in a healthier lawn.

  • Repair

Repair any areas of grass that were damaged over the summer.

  • Weed

Remove weeds from the lawn.

  • Fertilize

Encourage healthy growth from your lawn by fertilizing.

  • Water

Believe it or not, your lawn may need more water than ever in the Fall.

  • Plant Winter Grass

If you’d like your lawn to retain that great color through the winter, plant winter grass.

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