Sometimes you need a custom shower curtain

Have you been looking for that perfect shower curtain to put in your bathroom? Sometimes you cannot find the style, color or pattern that you are looking for. Well here is a solution, just make your own. Some people may think that this project is hard, but it actually easy and fun to do.

You can practically use any kind of fabric that your heart desires. Just make sure that you have a shower curtain liner facing inside the tub to protect the fabric. It is better to use a polyester type of material because it prevents it from shrinking. Once you have found your design purchase at least six yards of it.

Most shower curtains are 72 inches wide and 72 inches long, but measure your shower stall before you get started. The next step is to cut out the panels. Each panel should be cut about 88 inches in length. Cut two panels, and cut one of those two panels in half. You will have one center panel, plus one on either side. Pin the panels together, make sure fabric lines neatly and sew panels together. Sometimes you need a custom shower curtain - icihomes 6

After the panels are sewn, cut the width of the panels to 80 inches, allowing a 4 inch seam and leave the length of 88 inches allowing for a hem of 8-10 inches. You can stitch the heads so it doesn’t unravel.

The last step is to add grommets to your shower curtain. They come in any color. Place the first grommet at the end of the shower curtain and place the rest of the grommets about six inches apart. With the curtain hooks of your choice, take your shower curtain and install a bar and hang.

So, instead searching endlessly and buying a shower curtain that you are just content with, jazz it up and create one that is your own!

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