Creating Your Master Bathroom Retreat

While the kitchen may be the focal point of any new home, the master bathroom is the room that can really connect with new homeowners.

Guests might rave about your fabulous kitchen while you are entertaining, but you will have a much more intimate relationship with your new master bathroom. It is the room that can do the most to make your new house feel like home!

While your home is in the design phase, you will have an almost unlimited number of options when it comes to designing and customizing your new master bathroom. In order to make it feel like the peaceful retreat you have always dreamed about, make sure you take your time and really look at all of the different options available to you.

Bathtub Options

The bathtub is almost always the focal point of a bathroom, so you will really want yours to personify your vision. Do you prefer bathtubs that are built-in and surrounded by intricate ceramic tile patterns, or would you prefer a freestanding claw-foot tub?

Master bathroom inside the Cameron at Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club

Some homeowners feel that placing the bathtub in the center of the room gives the bathroom a spa-like feeling, while others prefer the tub to be tucked in a corner or against a wall. Almost everyone who designs a bathroom will agree that the more jets a bathtub has, the more enjoyable your experience with it will be.

Master bathroom inside the Cayman II at Amelia National Golf & Country Club

Shower Options

Much like with the number of jets in your new bathtub, most homeowners would agree that the more shower heads your new shower contains, the more your morning shower will feel like a relaxing escape to an exotic spa.

In addition to showerheads, you will also want to consider the amount of space you are allocating to your shower. You certainly don’t want your shower to take up too much room in your spa-inspired master bathroom, but you also don’t want to feel trapped in there either.

Master bathroom inside the Egret II model at Grand Haven
egret iv master bath
Master bathroom inside the Egret IV model at Tamaya

Some of the most popular shower designs are custom made from ceramic tile with built in shelves, handles, and even bench seating.

Vanity, Countertop, and Sink Options

Just like with the shower options, when it comes to the vanity, countertops, and sink options in your new master bathroom, bigger is better as long as you have the square footage to accommodate the size.

Master bathroom inside the Marabella model at Tamaya

Granite countertops are extremely popular right now, as are his and her sinks. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of counter space and closet space for all of your linens and toiletries.

Master bathroom inside the Amelia model at Chelsea Place

One of the nicest touches for a spa-inspired bathroom is designing some sort of seating area in front of a mirror. This further carries the spa atmosphere and provides a great place for either getting ready for a big night or unwinding from a long day.

Master bathroom inside the Cameron at Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club

All of the Other Details

Once you have all the major pieces of your new bathroom retreat figured out, you will need to have a vision for how details like the flooring, wall color, ceiling, windows, and lighting will all work together to complete your vision.

The best way to accomplish this is to take the time to look at as many examples of great bathrooms as you possibly can!

Spending the time to design and create a relaxing master bathroom retreat might seem like a huge undertaking.

However, the master bathroom is one of your most private and intimate rooms, so when you put the effort into making it feel just the way you want, you will be endlessly satisfied with the result!