Which Flooring is Best For Your Family’s Needs

When you build a home, one of your biggest design decisions is what to put underfoot. Floors take a literal pounding — perhaps more than any other home component — so your choices should be smart and considered. But, you don’t have to debate them endlessly. Here’s a streamlined guide to choosing between three of the most popular flooring options for your new custom Florida home.
Wood: Real Vs. Laminate
Real wood floors are classics for a reason. If cared for, they last a long time, and their inevitable nicks, scuffs and scratches only contribute character. Their lifespan also can be […]

Must Have Garden Tools This Season

If you’re a resident Florida gardener or hope to become one, you already know a major perk of Florida living is year-round gardening. The Sunshine State’s sunshine, coupled with sup-tropical and tropical climates, means the growing season literally never ends. Gardening fever is especially catching in spring, however. To get you ready, here’s a selection of this season’s must-have garden tools.
For Digging in the Dirt
Unless you work sizable acreage and need a tractor and tiller, handheld tools will do a fine job. Use trowels (they look like mini-hand spades) to dig, plant and move dirt or potting soil. Garden […]

Hit The Trails at Bexley

Searching for a new custom Florida home in the Tampa area? An active, outdoorsy lifestyle to go with it? We at ICI Homes have the perfect place. Visit us at Bexley, a new community approximately 20 miles north of Tampa in Pasco County. We’re proud to be one of six builders at Bexley and we’re here to tell you why you should consider its invigorating lineup of amenities.
Meet the Bexley Community
Bexley is a 1,200-acre development that opened in November 2016. It’s located in Land O’Lakes, among preserved Pasco County wilderness, yet not “too far out.” The convenient Suncoast Parkway […]

The 10 Upgrades That Make a Difference at Resale

Looking to sell your current home so you can buy a new custom Florida home? Congratulations! You likely already know you must fix that leaky shower in your current home, or re-sod that tired backyard before you go to market. But, did you know there are specific upgrades that can pump up your sale price? Read on to add some of those smart items to your to-do list.
Energy Efficiency
Most potential buyers appreciate environment-friendly homes. For example, install timers on your lawn sprinkler, or photo-cell sensors that extinguish exterior lights at daybreak, and turn them on at dusk. If your […]

Shopping List After Moving In Your New Home

So you’ve moved into a new home and conquered all those cardboard moving boxes. Some of what came out of them may not look all that great against a fresh backdrop. Or, you’re over that 25-year-old stainless steel cutlery and not putting in a new kitchen drawer. If you’re like most of us, moving can prompt both urgent and spur-of-the-moment purchases once you’re settled in your new abode. Here are items that frequently top those post-moving-day shopping lists.
Your family will never part with that comfortable leather couch and Aunt Janie’s heirloom china cabinet goes wherever you go. You even […]

ICI Homes Wins Eight Awards at 2017 Volusia County Parade of Homes

The Volusia County Parade of Homes Banquet was held on April 7, 2017. ICI Homes was the proud recipient of eight awards.

Parade of Homes:2017
Grand Award:The Isabella in Browns Landing
Grand Award:The Cameron in Plantation Bay
Grand Award:The Egret II in Plantation Bay
Readers Choice Award:The Egret II in Breakaway Trails
Bronze Award:The Victoria in Waters Edge
Reserve Grand Award:The Egret II in Plantation Bay
Reserve Grand Award:The Amelia in Chelsea Place
Reserve Grand Award:The Blossom II in Plantation Bay

Laundry Rooms That Make You Want to Do Laundry

When a room’s focal point is the pair of appliances that dominate it, “decorative” probably isn’t the word you’d use to describe it. But laundry rooms — or utility rooms as they’re sometimes called — are as critical as any showstopper kitchen or spa bathroom. We all must do laundry and associated tasks. If you’re building a new custom Florida home or plan to do so, why not make that room a fun place to be? Read on and we’ll help you create a laundry room that will make you want to do the laundry.
Design Your Laundry Room
Instead of […]

Talk to Your Home: Real Life or George Jetson?

Have you ever discovered — while trying a new recipe — that you were out of eggs? Have you ever wished you had a better solution than a trip to the grocery store? You do now, thanks to applications that allow you to talk to your home. Before you get too excited, you can’t command a genie to appear and mow your lawn! But technology has created digital devices that will do things such as activate lights, stream music and recite emergency substitutions for eggs — all at a verbal prompt from you. Read on to learn how you don’t […]

Seeking a Custom Home? Choose Your Builder Carefully

You’re in the market for a new home and want a truly “new” home. No resale for you and yours! Whether’s a family, retirement, multi-generational or vacation home, you and your household want what you want, fresh from scratch. But finding the right custom Florida home builder can be tricky. Some builders try to steer you to their interpretation of what you want rather than customize a plan to your specifications. ICI Homes won’t do that. We’re known as Florida’s Custom Home Builder, and we’re sharing tips on how to select the right builder for your new custom home.
Beware […]

Organize the Heck Out of Your Brand-New Home

Depending on your housekeeping style, “organize” is either a dirty word or a mantra to live by. But, if you’ve just moved into a new home, there’s no better time to conquer all your stuff. Knowing where items are when you need them — and having them tucked out of the way when you don’t — makes life a lot easier. Below are some tips for organizing the heck out of your brand-new home.
Efficiency is the Name of the Game
The calm, everything-in-its-place variety, not obsessive-compulsive regimentation. If you struggle with organization, simply think of it as being efficient. Quickly […]