Three Benefits to Living in an Active Community

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Warp-speed societal and cultural changes during the past two decades have changed way most working-age adults view their careers and retirement planning. For instance, most of us will continue working part-time or full-time past the age when our own parents retired. That’s partly due to financial and business changes, but also because many people want Read More »

Choose Your Florida Retirement Destination

Choose Your Florida Retirement Destination

It’s easy to push retirement to the perimeter of our minds when life is busy with family, careers, commitments and other adult priorities. But it’s never wise to allow retirement to slip out of sight. Regardless of whether it looms sooner or later, you should consider how and where you’d like to spend it. Read Read More »

Why is Retirement Better in Florida? Here are Five Reasons

Florida’s attractiveness as a retirement destination needs little trumpeting. The state’s tremendous positives — its beaches, temperate climate and retirement-oriented infrastructures such as superb healthcare — are excellent linchpins in any decision to become a Florida retiree. There are more benefits besides the obvious ones, however. Consider these additional perks to a Florida retirement. Tax Read More »

The Five Best Places to Retire in Florida

You’re contemplating retirement. You know you need to plan for it. Florida provides the perfect location with a superb climate, recreational offerings, retirement-friendly communities and world-class attractions and cultural outlets. So, where are the best places to retire in the Sunshine State? In no particular order… Daytona Beach Not only is “The World’s Most Famous Read More »

If Tennis is your “Racquet” Florida is your Place

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Whether on lighted courts at night, or under that famous Florida sunshine, the state’s mild climate is perfect for year-round tennis play. Florida’s natural beauty fosters an active lifestyle, and an environment that showcases outdoor sports and sporting events. ICI Homes communities incorporate many of these favorites amenities. Expect parks, playgrounds, hiking and cycling trails, and Read More »