There can be a lot to consider when it comes time to retire. Learn why so many people choose Florida as their retirement destination.

Three Benefits to Living in an Active Community

Warp-speed societal and cultural changes during the past two decades have changed way most working-age adults view their careers and retirement planning.

For instance, most of us will continue working part-time or full-time past the age when our own parents retired. That’s partly due to financial and business changes, but also because many people want (and sometimes need) to work into their 60s and 70s. Either because they enjoy their careers, or finally want to do work they’ve always wanted to do.

What’s the effect of all that? Retirement no longer means parking on the rest-home porch at age 60. Baby […]

Choose Your Florida Retirement Destination

It’s easy to push retirement to the perimeter of our minds when life is busy with family, careers, commitments and other adult priorities. But it’s never wise to allow retirement to slip out of sight. Regardless of whether it looms sooner or later, you should consider how and where you’d like to spend it. Read on for our suggestions on choosing Florida as your retirement destination.
Why Florida?
Let’s assume you want to be here, or that Florida is on your short list of potential locales. The lure is obvious if you hail from a colder climate. The Sunshine State’s year-round […]

How to Successfully Find a Florida Retirement Home

If retirement is in your immediate or near future, is a change of venue also in play? That decision might be easy if snow removal is a seasonal chore at your current home. Or de-icing the car. Or weathering an ice storm.

You’ll have none of that when you retire in Florida.

Will you have to wear an occasional light jacket during January? Maybe. What you will do is enjoy a sub-tropical climate that permits year-around outdoor recreation and beach days.

But, you must get here first. For those of you who want to spend your golden years somewhere other than your […]

Why is Retirement Better in Florida? Here are Five Reasons

Florida’s attractiveness as a retirement destination needs little trumpeting. The state’s tremendous positives — its beaches, temperate climate and retirement-oriented infrastructures such as superb healthcare — are excellent linchpins in any decision to become a Florida retiree. There are more benefits besides the obvious ones, however. Consider these additional perks to a Florida retirement.
Tax Breaks
We don’t mean additional deduction lines on your tax forms. We mean NO state income. NO inheritance tax and NO estate tax. Florida is one of seven states that don’t levy state income tax.
But, those of you who itch for every possible deduction still get […]

The Five Best Places to Retire in Florida

You’re contemplating retirement. You know you need to plan for it.

Florida provides the perfect location with a superb climate, recreational offerings, retirement-friendly communities and world-class attractions and cultural outlets.
So, where are the best places to retire in the Sunshine State? In no particular order…
Daytona Beach
Not only is “The World’s Most Famous Beach” a major tourism lure, the surrounding community is a hospitable place to retire. The area is large enough to support a growing population, yet small enough to honor a slower pace. Communities abound surrounding Daytona Beach, all within easy reach of the beach and attractions such as Daytona […]

Amelia National’s Tom Fazio Course: Why It’s Better

Want to enjoy membership play on a Tom Fazio-designed golf course?
Follow the geese and fly south. Unless, of course, you’d like to pay the eye-popping initiation fees required by some Fazio courses in the northeast. That’ll cost you $200,000 at some New York and Maryland courses, or $210,000 at select New Jersey courses.
Wow, you say…and not in a good way.
As Florida’s Custom Home Builder, ICI Homes has the solution to your Tom Fazio golf dream. Amelia National Golf and Country Club offers privacy and luxury-home living amid the scenic beauty of Florida’s Atlantic coast, plus, with an initiation fee a […]

Top 5 Reasons Florida Rocks for Retirement

The retirement stage is being set for many folks within the United States. Baby Boomers — people age 65 and over — are nearing the finish line of their work lives, or trimming back to part-time or telecommuting roles By 2012, there were 47 million Americans age 65 and older, per the U. S. Census Bureau, and you might be among them.

Regardless of whether you’re surfing for a retirement destination or know exactly where it is, the state of Florida remains one of the world’s top retirement locales. Here are five ways a Florida home can rock your “golden […]

Three Reasons to Move {Your Money} to Florida

As if you need further impetus to move to the Sunshine State, there are purely practical financial reasons to shift your residence south. Along with the mild winters and beaches, you’ll also find a favorable tax climate.

This is a big deal if you’re moving from a state that mandates state income taxes and death taxes. Florida also offers tax savings with what’s known as a homestead exemption.

The higher your income bracket, the more a move to Florida can impact your potential tax savings. But every taxpayer can enjoy some benefit from at least two of the following three Florida […]

If Tennis is your “Racquet” Florida is your Place

Whether on lighted courts at night, or under that famous Florida sunshine, the state’s mild climate is perfect for year-round tennis play. Florida’s natural beauty fosters an active lifestyle, and an environment that showcases outdoor sports and sporting events.

ICI Homes communities incorporate many of these favorites amenities. Expect parks, playgrounds, hiking and cycling trails, and golf and tennis facilities, among others. If you enjoy the spectator side of tennis, numerous professional, amateur and collegiate-championship tournaments are played here each year.

For hardcore players, the Florida Tennis Center — a 24-court facility in Daytona Beach — and the United States Tennis Association’s new […]

What Multi-Generational Families Seek in a New Home

Today’s trend toward multi-generational living is fueled partly by the tide of Baby Boomers — people age 65 and over — headed toward retirement. By 2012, there were 47 million Americans age 65 and older, per the United States Census Bureau. That’s a lot of people who typically have one foot in the workplace and one foot pointed toward their “golden years.” They also often have the income to address their home-buying needs.

Many baby boomers also plan to care for elderly parents and want to help their children and grandchildren through life transitions.

The economic downturn in the mid-2000’s is another […]