Three Benefits to Living in an Active Community

Warp-speed societal and cultural changes during the past two decades have changed way most working-age adults view their careers and retirement planning.

For instance, most of us will continue working part-time or full-time past the age when our own parents retired. That’s partly due to financial and business changes, but also because many people active communitywant (and sometimes need) to work into their 60s and 70s. Either because they enjoy their careers, or finally want to do work they’ve always wanted to do.

What’s the effect of all that? Retirement no longer means parking on the rest-home porch at age 60. Baby Boomers in particular are far more active, generally, than the generations that preceded them. As they head toward their golden years, they prefer to stay active, and downsizing from a larger home often becomes a priority.

Active-adult communities, many of which are age-restricted, and assisted living are among the prominent choices. But we at ICI Homes suggest a different tactic. Instead of confining yourself to a community with only similar-aged folks, why not find an active community where residents of all ages keep each other young and in motion?

Read on for our three benefits to living in an active community.

Nix the retirement home

Today’s active community means one where the amenity menu is long and varied. Think swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness and hiking trails, basketball courts, dog parks, playgrounds, an on-site fitness center, parks and green spaces, and perhaps even golf courses.

That’s a good thing. Have you heard the saying, “a body in motion stays in motion?” It’s true. Active lifestyles tend to be healthy lifestyles, which is exactly what you want as you age.


Adults eyeing retirement — or at least slowing down — often are empty-nesters with kids and perhaps grandchildren leading their own active active community socializationlives. While it’s great to enjoy family visits, the day-to-day reality of familial living usually is a thing of the past.

You also should anticipate no longer having a daily work family. And if you’re involved in clubs, organizations or houses of worship, those activities still will provide you with social outlets.

But what if you’d like to meet new friends and establish new networks?

That’s where your new active community comes in. Find other avid runners, cyclists, or maybe yoga practitioners. Get involved. Go to homeowners associations meetings. Challenge yourself and your partner or spouse to learn a new sport with new neighbors.

Form a dog-walkers group. Volunteer to tend bar at the fundraising event at your community pool. There’s an almost endless array of activities that will keep your body hopping and your brain happily buzzing.

Good for all ages

Do you really want to live among and socialize only with people of the same age?

Gets old, doesn’t it? We thought so. Besides, a non-age restricted active community makes it easier and more inviting for younger family members to communities family visits

If an active community sounds good to you, talk to us about matching you to the community that is right for you. We build in several!

For example, may we suggest our own Mosaic, located in Daytona Beach? It’s in a booming east central Florida area and features major amenities such as a fitness center, outdoor amphitheater, a sparkling lake and a gazebo on the lakeside boardwalk.

Mosaic also is a WiFi community. And every home here is a smart home equipped with the latest technological systems. That’ll keep you young!

Ready for your active lifestyle? Talk to ICI Homes here.