Why is Retirement Better in Florida? Here are Five Reasons

Florida’s attractiveness as a retirement destination needs little trumpeting. The state’s tremendous positives — its beaches, temperate climate and retirement-oriented infrastructures such as superb healthcare — are excellent linchpins in any decision to become a Florida retiree. There are more benefits besides the obvious ones, however. Consider these additional perks to a Florida retirement.

Tax Breaks

We don’t mean additional deduction lines on your tax forms. We mean NO state income. NO inheritance tax and NO estate tax. Florida is one of seven states that don’t levy state income tax.
But, those of you who itch for every possible deduction still get to fill in certain line items. In Florida, you can claim deductions for property taxes and mortgage interest.
Yay for you!

Lower Cost of Living

Th cost of Florida living traditionally dips before the national average. From property and housing prices, to everyday necessities such as food and clothing, your dollars generally go farther in Florida than in many U.S. states.

That means your money can work harder and better, particularly if you’re a Florida retiree on a fixed income. There are fewer budget hogs such as expensive commuting costs, and more reasonably priced alternatives to essentials such as groceries. The money you save on cost of living items mean more margin for the really fun stuff!

No Shortage of Activities

With its natural beauty and conducive climate, Florida is one giant playground for retirees who are outdoor enthusiasts. Pick your game or recreational outlet, and there’s a field course or trail for it.  Did we mention 1,350 miles of coastline? The fishing? How about golf?
ICI Homes offers two top-notch communities sought after by active, involved retirees. Amelia National Golf & Country Club in Fernandina Beach and Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club in Ormond Beach provide residents with the expected amenities along with community-building monthly events and socials.

A Popular Place to be

The attractions, events and activities that lure visitors to the Sunshine State also have a positive impact on its residents. If you live here, you can enjoy your favorite theme park year-round rather than only once or twice a year. You also have popular places to share with visiting family and friends.
Seeking the friendly small-town retirement experience? Perhaps a quaint beach community? Florida offers a myriad of both, each with their own appeal and atmosphere.  Remember that word “infrastructure?” As a worldwide vacation destination, Florida features international airports, convenient interstates and toll roads and world-class services. The things that make being in Florida easy for visitors, also make living here easy for residents.

Strength in Numbers

Since Florida is a popular retirement destination, you’ll find plenty of folks who share your age and interests. You’ll also find plenty of folks with different interests who can become new friends.
The national trend toward a more active retirement gives new Florida residents a head start on their retirement lifestyle, thanks to the state’s numerous outdoor activities and growing active adult communities.

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