Cool Pools: Your Guide to a Florida Staple

If you’re considering a move to Florida, you may have visions of swimming pools dancing in your head.Pools in ICI Homes Model Homes

The Sunshine State is renowned for its temperate year-round climate and outdoor living, and pools are common residential features throughout its sub-tropical and tropical regions.

Water features are soothing and fun. Listening to a burbling fountain while roasting marshmallows is a treat any time of year, and raucous pool parties are summer classics.

Fortunately for ICI Homes customers, a swimming pool is an easy design addendum. The only question may be: what kind of pool?

Here’s a quick guide to all the cool pools, but first- learn more about home customization with ICI Homes here.

Salt water or fresh water

Fresh-water pools treated and purified with chlorine and other chemicals are the traditional way to do a backyard pool. But saltwater pools, which rely on fewer chemicals, are preferable to some pool owners because salt water can be a bit kinder to swimmers’ skin.

They also can involve more money. So do your research, talk to pool service experts, and make the right decision for your future pool-maintenance routine.

Shapes and sizes of pools

Think of pools you may have owned or enjoyed, and the traditional rectangular or kidney-shaped pool designs probably spring first to mind.

But, pool shapes and sizes are limited only by your budget, lot size and imagination. Opt for the rectangle if your household enjoys pool volleyball, or create something free-form to fit a uniquely shaped lot. Lap pools are great for serious swimmers while a “plunge” pool that’s just large enough to splash around and lounge in, may be all you need.

Tuck a spa on one corner of your pool. Add fountain sprays, lights and a heater for January dips.

Cool Pools: Your Guide to a Florida Staple - Tips Trends Talk 1 e1698678089346 768x596 1Customize that pool

The most seamless way to add a pool to your new custom Florida home is during construction. You can add one after you move in, but why wait on a second construction project when you can celebrate closing on your new home by doing a celebratory cannonball into its new (already finished) swimming pool?

We thought so.

Get the process started during a complementary customization meeting with one of our talented floor-plan designers. This meeting is available to every potential ICI Homes customer, and we hearty recommend it even if you’re set on a favorite floor plan and know exactly what you want.

Meeting with one of our pros allows you to brainstorm in tandem. Our design pro can help you select a floor plan if you can’t decide, tweak a plan to your household’s needs and specifications, or draw something new — usually at low or no cost to you.

No, the swimming pool won’t be complementary, but our pro will be glad to guide you in how and where to fit a swimming pool — and any other outdoor living features — into your lot and floor plan.

Ready for your new custom Florida home (and pool)? Talk to ICI Homes here.