Why There’s Landscaping in Front of Model Home Garages

What’s the number one question we get asked online? “How do I get in the garage?!” The question about landscaping in front of the garage of a model is the question asked above all other questions and today we’re going to talk about it! Why There’s Landscaping Instead of Driveways in Front of Model-Home Garages

If you’re not familiar with the trend or haven’t bought a new home in quite a while, we understand. Here’s why there’s usually landscaping instead of driveways in front of model-home garages.

If you’re in the market for a new custom Florida home, you’re likely cruising model homes for information. They’re real-life laboratories for ideas and inspiration, and that’s true whether you visit them online or in person. A model home can illustrate what your future new home might look like — especially if it’s among the floor plans you’re considering. Today we need to talk about the landscaping in front of the garages at model homes.

Model homes also come equipped with a human element. They’re staffed by sales agents who can give you the 411 on the community you’re visiting, plus all the floor plans, variations thereof, elevations and lots available.

Those sales agents can even tell you why most model homes have no driveways, but, we’re beating them to the punch!

Garage landscaping is intentional

No, the builder didn’t forget to pay the concrete bill. There are several strategic reasons you’ll often see lovely shrubs, flowers, turf and other landscaping in front of a model home’s garage doors.

One reason is to give potential customers and visitors an unencumbered view of the model. It’s easier to assess, admire and critique a home’s presentation and exterior features without parked vehicles hogging its driveway and blocking its views.

Another reason you’ll see landscaping rather than concrete in front of a model home garage is when that model is part of a community’s model home park. A model home park, or row, is where several model homes are built together along a portion of a street.

Often, a model home park is fenced in to promote easy walking between the model homes and pedestrian safety. So, you wouldn’t use or need real driveways in those settings.

Lastly, the garage-door backdrop is a good place to showcase landscaping ideas.

The garage is occupied

Just not by vehicles.

The on-site sales staff may use the model home garage as furnished, temporary offices. In model home parks, sometimes the garage for one home is

Sales Center in Garage Space
An example of a sales center inside of what would be the garage.

used by the sales staff, the builders occupy another, and another is used for storage, and so on.

Those “sales center” garages might also double as storage for building-material samples. During your visit, a salesperson will show you some of the options available. Right there in the garage/office.

What if you’d like to buy a model home once it fulfills its sales-center duty? If you do, don’t worry. The builder will remove all the landscaping in front of the garage doors, pour the driveway and restore the garage.

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