Why an Inventory Home Might Be Right for You

On the hunt for a new Florida custom home, but dreading the process?

The struggle is real! We at ICI Homes hear it frequently from prospective customers and visitors who must (or want to) move, yet view the home-buying process as a chore.Inventory Home

Some people simply don’t enjoy selling a home, buying a new one, then enduring the move. Even when it’s to their dream destination or a long-awaited event like retirement.

We got your back, though.

If you’re not up for a custom build or want to short-circuit some moving hassles, consider buying a new home that’s already built.

Here’s why an inventory home might be right for you.

What is it?

Inventory homes are built to sell. Builders typically build a certain number of proven floor plans in a community, varying exterior and interior designs, yet keeping them fairly neutral. These finished homes are ready for purchase and often, exactly what some buyers seek.

Other terms you’ll hear to describe inventory homes are stock homes, showcase homes, spec homes, and quick move-ins.

No need to wait for a custom build

Building a new home can be worth the time and effort. We’ve built custom homes all over the state of Florida for more than four decades, and promise building a home can be mostly painless.

But right now you’d rather avoid that time and effort, and that’s okay! The key is buying your perfect new home already built. Inventory homes give you that option.

Quick solutions for quick moves

You might like to build a new custom Florida home, but the timing isn’t right for your current circumstances.

Perhaps you need to move quickly for a job transfer or family matter. Or, you have a golden opportunity to sell your current home for top dollar, but haven’t even begun thinking about the home you’ll buy to replace it.

Inventory homes get you out of those jams. In most cases, they’re finished and available for purchase, or in various stages of construction.

Bonus: if you find an inventory home still under construction — especially in the early stages — going to contract on it may give you the opportunity to customize interior finishes and materials.

So you get a custom build anyway, with the speed and ease of buying and inventory home.

How to find inventory homes

It’s easy-peasy. Find communities that appeal to you in your new town, then research available homes online. We at ICI Homes have a wide variety of homes in varying stages of construction available at any given time. Including homes that are already move-in ready or close to it!

Better yet, if you’re near enough for a day trip or long weekend, head there in person and talk to sales agents. They know the status of everything under construction and can tip you off to inventory homes that have just broken ground or are in foundational stages.

If you live too far away to explore communities in person, contact ICI Homes’ online sales staff. You’ll find them on our website, and they’re happy to live chat, text, email, or jump on the phone. They can direct you to on-the-ground sales personnel and send you detailed info on inventory homes in ICI Homes communities.

Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Homes here.