Tips to Make Your Bedroom the Restful, Peaceful Place It Should Be

In today’s modern life, bedrooms often support more than their original function.

They’re for snoozing, of course, but also for lounging, TV watching, catching up with loved ones, reading and, unfortunately, working. Larger bedrooms also contain a separate seating area and Tips to Make Your Bedroom the Restful, Peaceful Place It Should Bespa-like adjoining bathrooms.

No matter your bedroom’s size or contents, its first priority should be to provide you with a quiet place to recharge. Just remember that ongoing research about the corrosive effects of stress make it even more imperative to get your eight hours of shuteye.

Here’s our tips to make your bedroom the restful, peaceful place it should be.

Ban beeping, buzzing and blue light

If you don’t know, the “blue” light emitted by the screens of today’s digital devices, keep us awake. It can make it problematic to wind down if you’re constantly on the phone or laptop before you turn out your lights.

Televisions aren’t off the hook either, but it’s important to abstain from your other devices in the hour or so before your normal bedtime.

Also mute any device that pings with notifications. You don’t need to be awakened at 2 a.m., because of a late-night sports score.

Choose the right color scheme

You might be a huge Florida State University supporter who wants to decorate your new bedroom in garnet, gold and flourishes of black, but it’s not a great idea for restfulness.

Primary colors, bright colors and busy, distracting designs can affect your mood by perking you up. That’s not what you want when you’re trying to power down.

Don’t believe us? Why are so many model-home bedrooms swathed in peaceful neutral tones?

Make it a retreat

Heading for the bedroom at night triggers your mind and body that, “Okay, it’s time to flop.”

Strengthen that habit by finishing any work before you’re ready to retire. And don’t take the laptop, phone or tablet with you!

Read a real book, work a crossword puzzle or meditate. At night, your bedroom lighting should be soft, focused task lighting you can turn on and off by remote control. Save the bright overhead lights for daytime use. And use light-blocking window shades if needed.

The phrases, “Goodnight everybody,” and “I’m going to bed,” should signal the retreat portion of your evening.

Site it away from household hubbub

The last place you want any bedroom is next to noisier portions of your home.

It shouldn’t share a wall with the main living area, where a TV half the size of your roof might be thundering away with a sci-fi movie.

You also don’t want to attempt to sleep next door to the laundry room and all that high-speed swooshing and thumping.

And who wants to hear garages opening, doors slamming and backyard dogs barking?

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