Designing Your New Master Bedroom

One of the best things about building a new home is that you are able to add and adjust a number of custom details to create the perfect representation of your vision for the home.

Of course, that can also add a great deal of pressure to make the right decisions.

When it comes to the master bedroom, you have probably dreamed of having a master bedroom that feels like your own peaceful retreat from the world. This is your chance to make that dream into a reality.

When working with ICI Homes, you have almost endless options to create the bedroom oasis of your dreams.

Here are some general ideas and inspiration to think about while you are designing and decorating your new master bedroom retreat!

Design and Layout Ideas

Large windows bring in plenty of natural light inside this master bedroom in the Portofino

Probably the most important thing for you to consider from a design perspective is the amount and type of windows that your new bedroom will have. There will be a key tradeoff between more windows and bigger windows that let in a great deal more light, and the private feeling that you get from having less or smaller windows. You might also want to consider adding a bay window sitting area.

Another popular design option involves a vaulted or decorative ceiling. If your home design allows for a vaulted ceiling, this can give the room a unique look and feel. If vaulted ceilings are not an option, another popular thing to do is add decorative trim to the ceiling.

Custom ceiling choice in the Preakness V

In order to add a feeling of warmth and comfort to your new master bedroom retreat, you might want to consider adding natural elements like exposed brick, stone, or wood. This could be an entire wall, a portion of a wall, or even exposed wood beams along the ceiling. Any of these options will add a whole new dimension to your design. Another great way to add warmth to your room is to incorporate a fireplace into the design.

While the light fixtures that you choose are an important part of decorating your new bedroom, deciding where those fixtures will be located is a critical component of the design process. Recessed lighting is very popular today, and you will likely want to consider adding a number of recessed lights throughout the room. The design stage is also a great time to consider whether you will want to add a decorative feature like wall sconces that flank either side of the bed.

Recessed lighting options in the Cameron

The design phase is also where you will want to assess the amount of storage space your new master suite is going to have. How big do your closets need to be, and how will that size work with the storage available to you in other areas, like the master bathroom?

Master closet inside the Cameron

The last thing you want is to design the perfect bedroom oasis only to clutter it up with junk because you don’t have enough closet space!

Furniture Ideas

One of the biggest things that differentiates bedrooms that feel like peaceful retreats from bedrooms that feel like just another place to sleep is that the retreat style bedrooms give the appearance that you can do more to relax there than just sleep.

That is why they usually include some type of sitting or reading area. In order to incorporate this feeling into your new master bedroom retreat, you should look to add some type of lounge furniture to create a sitting area in your new space.

Master bedroom inside the Amelia

While it may still be unpopular with designers, having a TV in the bedroom is now an absolute must for most people. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create an elegant way to incorporate a TV. Whether you go with a traditional TV stand, a large armoire to hide the TV, or the build-in look mounting the TV to the wall, make sure that the TV appears to be a part of the concept and not a last minute addition.

Decorating Ideas

The accent wall is one of the oldest tricks in the book for bedroom decorating, but when done correctly it can still have a dramatic impact on the room. Consider using a different paint color, unique wallpaper, or custom woodworking to really accent the wall that your bed will rest against. The simpler approach to this concept is to hang a large, eye-catching piece of art above the bed.

Green accent wall inside the Marabella

Speaking of the bed, no decorating ideas will do more to express the relaxing feeling you are going for than getting the right type of bedding and pillows. The bed is always going to be the focal point of every bedroom, so make sure that your bed sends the message you are shooting for.

There is an almost endless amount of details that can contribute to creating the perfect master bedroom retreat for you, and we have barely scratched the surface here.

Take your time and really focus on what elements make you feel calm and relaxed. Then find a way to incorporate those elements into your new master bedroom design!