Designing Your New Owners Suite

Since most folks spend a portion of each 24-hour period asleep, our bedrooms should provide the restful retreats we need to recharge.  If you’re building a new Florida home, make the owners suite (previously called master bedroom) a priority. You can do that during the design phase, when ICI Homes designers guide you through all the detail, finish and style choices.

Part of the design fun is having those choices. Your job is to consider how your owners suite works best for you. Once you figure that out, the process of turning that space into a peaceful haven only requires you saying, “I want this, this and this.” Here are some suggestions.

How to Choose Functional Elements

How you use your owners suite should determine its layout. First, think big. How many windows does the bedroom have and where are they sited? Do you want lovely outdoor vistas by day, or a cozy retreat at all hours? Storage space and closets also belong in this phase — you want as much storage as possible! Knowing your amount of in-room storage will help with other decisions, such as whether to stage a garage sale before you move.

ICI Brooke model

Next, determine where to place seating — perhaps a bench, armchair or stool. You may prefer a pair of chairs and a reading lamp for a comfortable hideaway. Then, look up. Where will you place your lighting fixtures? Do bedside scones work? How about room-expanding design elements such as recessed lighting in a tray ceiling? Since your new Florida home is sited in a climate that invites outdoor living, consider adding natural architectural elements such as exposed brick walls or reclaimed hardwood floors. And, don’t overlook a fireplace. That warmth will be welcome during cooler weather.

How to Choose Furnishings

Does your retreat need to function only as a bedroom? Concentrate on your bed, bedside tables or nightstands and perhaps reading lights. A peaceful room that promotes slumber is a healthy attribute. But, since one appeal of an owners suite is to plan where to put that reading nook or a lounge chair for meditation sessions. Ah, yes. The Television. Like it or not, a bedroom TV is mandatory for many people. If it is for you, target your TV site for optimum viewing. Decide whether to mount it on a wall or place it on a piece of furniture. The latter might double as extra storage.

How to Make It Attractive

Have a favorite decorating style? Love primitive or ultra-modern furnishings? Carry those themes into your room. Try an accent wall — painted a different color from other bedrooms walls. Center your bed on that accent wall. Have art and collectibles? Use the accent wall as a mini-gallery. Another technique is how you dress your bed. Drop-kick those bedclothes you’ve used since college — or since the birth of your now-grown kids! — and splurge on new linens. Embellished decorative pillows also can punch up a new design style.

Ready for that new Florida home to accompany your dreamy retreat? As Florida’s Custom Home Builder, ICI Homes can help. Click here.