How to Have It All When You Move to Florida

We all know Florida is one of the world’s great vacation destinations.

And not simply for the attractions hub of Orlando, or those hundreds of miles of shoreline on both coasts. The entire state is a draw for visitors of all sorts thanks to its climate, bountiful natural move to Floridaresources, recreational options and beauty.

So, when you’re exploring a move here, it’s easy to think like a tourist.

“Oh,” you say. “I can live like I’m on vacation all the time.”

If you’re retiring with no obligations except to enjoy yourself, you certainly can.

Most of us, however, likely move to Florida for career, family or personal reasons. We still have plenty to do, and weekdays are as busy as ever. But we definitely want to enjoy some of the same fun and scenery that draws vacationers here, particularly if those opportunities factored in your moving decision.

The key? Don’t do it like a tourist. Do it right-for-you.

Location, location, location

Living near world-famous attractions and beaches sounds like a good idea, until you consider real-life things such as traffic and the tourist crowds.

It can be a another type of rush hour that some people don’t have time or patience for. If this is you, but you still need or really want to move to Florida, consider the location of your new custom home.

Seek master-planned communities on a side of town away from any attractions. You’ll have more peace and quiet, all the services, shopping, schools and work benefits you need, yet all that getaway fun is still yours to enjoy on an off day. Talk to an Online Sales Counselor today for our best advice on where to build your new custom home here in the Sunshine State.

Take advantage of special perks for Florida residents

The good news about living near world-famous attractions and beaches is that many places offer price breaks to Florida residents.

And it’s not only attractions that do this. Hotels, restaurants and museums all across the state recognize the value of a home-grown customer base.

Sometimes these prices are calendar-specific — resident-friendly hotel rates in an off-season area, for example. And sometimes they’re year-round passes, such as those available for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and most major attractions throughout the state.

Check out each location’s Florida-resident offerings online. These unique passes, rates and discounted tickets can add up to large savings and fun.

Choose a master-planned community with resort-style amenities

If you want to live a vacation lifestyle without paying vacation prices, a master-planned community that offers a resident’s club, swimming pool, golf courses, hiking trails and other amenities, is a great way to go.

You’ll pay monthly HOA fees, of course, but those can be a good value compared with what you’d pay to enjoy the same amenities only several times each year, at real resorts.

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