Planning a Move? Our Suggestions for What Not to Take With You

Out with the old. In with the new.

That’s good inspiration when you’re planning a move to a new custom Florida home.planning a move

If you’re a typical adult, you have odds, ends and assorted junk stashed in your current home. You know it’s there, even though it’s squashed in drawers, closets, attics or on garage shelves.

And chances are it’s not only your non-essentials. Every household member either collects something, can’t bear throwing out certain items, or hides what they don’t want to deal with.

But guess what? You don’t want to clutter your new home by hauling all that extraneous stuff from your old one.

Here’s our suggestions for what not to take with you when you move.

Multiples of nearly everything

Why do you need three vacuum cleaners? Two toasters? Five spatulas — none of which match — for nonstick cookware?

We’re all guilty!

The items you or family members use over and over are the items to keep. The pasta maker that your aunt thought you’d like, that’s never been out of the box, needs to get gone.

A good exercise is thinking about how you use those items that seemingly breed in drawers and closets. You bought new bath towels, but kept the old ones because they might be handy…for what? A double boiler came with your latest cookware, but you’ve no idea what to do with it.

And don’t get us started on holiday decorations. You still have Christmas-tree lights from 10 years ago, don’t you? The strands where every other bulb is out, but you might be able to fix them if you find replacements…

Out they go!

Memories you’ve outgrown

This is a toughie.

Items that remind you of places, people and experiences aren’t as easy to discard.

Certain things such as framed diplomas are keepers. You or the family member they belong to worked hard for them! And do not toss heirloom family photos that can’t be duplicated today.

Try this instead: designate a durable plastic tote or box that can keep memorables safe, for each topic — your daughter’s childhood, your spouse’s legal career. Stock each container with things that are irreplaceable. This strategy also makes it easy to pass on to the next generation.

Everything else — all those old kids’ clothes, outdated women’s purses, bad T-shirts from college — gets donated or recycled.

Cleaning and home maintenance supplies

It’s tempting to take all that stuff with you.

“I may need to wipe down the new linen closet before I stock it,” you think.

No, you won’t. Because your new home will be thoroughly cleaned before you receive its keys.

Pack only the necessary detergents, basic cleaners, brushes and sponges that you truly use on a regular basis. If you’re a gardener, take your gardening tools. But if you’re moving to a community where lawn care is included in monthly HOA dues, say bye-bye to the lawn mower.

An important exception: if you’ve sold your current home, leave extra materials from any repair or renovation projects — boxes of nails, cans of unused paint or extra ceramic tile or flooring. The new owners should appreciate that stash if something needs tweaking in the future.

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