Moving to a New Home? How to Avoid a Steady Diet of Takeout

It’s an awesome time when you move into a new custom Florida home, but there are some realities you have manage. Like packing up all your belongings and sending them across city limits, county or state lines.moving diet

Once they and you arrive at your new address, domestic chaos usually reigns until you can tame the cardboard fortress in your garage and living areas.

One of the first questions someone will ask is, “What’s for dinner?”

People have to eat, and trying to grocery-shop and cook while in the throes of a move can be madness, especially with kids and elderly family members in tow. But if you do a bit of advance planning, this part of the madness can go down a little easier.

Here’s how to avoid a steady takeout diet while moving.

Give in to the pizza party

At least once.

There are worse choices in Fast-Food Land, and cold leftovers double as breakfast. It’s also kind of fun to plop down around a hot, cheesy pie and relive your teen or collegiate years.

Do it for three consecutive days and your love for pizza may wane.

Takeout to the rescue

Expand your eating choices during a move by ordering online or via phone, then picking up your food. Even better, depending where your new neighborhood is located, tap a takeout delivery service. Or, order from a restaurant that offers delivery.

You’ll soon locate all the restaurants closest to your house and perhaps sample some local establishments recommended by your new neighbors.

Speaking of, that’s a perfect ice-breaker, isn’t it?

“Hey, know where we can get (insert type of food here)?”

If all else fails, use a drive-through or dine in.

Meals on your doorstep

Nonstop eating out gets expensive, doesn’t it?

If your kitchen armory is one of the first things you unpack, you’ll be able to cook quick meals even though the rest of your possessions may still live in cardboard.

But forget trying to cook a typical week’s menu while you’re settling into your new home. Grocery-shop for the basics to keep everyone happy and try a trial subscription to one of the trendy meal-in-a-box companies.

The fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipes are delivered straight to your door, and all you have to do is unpack (not your favorite word right now) everything and fire up your new stove.

Who knows? Your family may discover a new way to do dinner and become regular subscribers. No matter what, the meal-in-a-box trial subscription might save your bacon temporarily while everyone’s trying to figure out what goes where.

Have a cookout

Do you own a grill that was moved to your new home? Find it first, along with basic utensils, and get the grill roaring at the dinner hour. Just not near your cardboard-crammed garage.

Assuming someone’s been to the grocery store, this is a homemade version of meal-in-a-box: frozen burgers of choice, frozen fries or onion rings, all the family-favorite condiments, maybe potato salad or coleslaw from the grocery-story deli and a baker’s dozen cookies from the grocery-story bakery.

Voila — a real home-cooked meal.

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