How to Meet Your New Neighborhood

In the market for a new custom Florida home? That means you’re also in the market for a new neighborhood. No matter why you’re making the move — for a new job, impending retirement or family reasons — acclimating to a new community takes time, even if you only move across town. New neighbors often = new friends, so it’s totally worth investing time to explore your new environment. Read on for tips on how to settle into your new world.

Be Approachable and Available

This is Common Sense and Manners 101, but it never hurts to be reminded. Moving takes a lot out of you — energy, time and attention. It’s easy to forget the human-connection part of moving Meet your new neighborhoodwhen you’re trying to find where you packed all the kitchen utensils. But, the sooner you meet your new homeowners association president, or settle into the rhythm of life on your new street, the easier the transition becomes. Say hi to folks when you walk the dog. Attend an HOA meeting. Introduce yourself to your next-door neighbors. Get invited to a monthly cookout? Go!

Use Construction Site Visits For Impromptu Networking

If you live within driving distance of your new future home, take advantage of those occasional meetings with your builder, designer or craftspeople. While you’re at the construction site, wave at your future neighbors who may drive by and slow down to peek at your new home. Strike up conversations with neighborhood walkers, runners and cyclists as they cruise by. You’ll have built-in contacts — and inside information — by the time you actually move in.

Host an Open House

It’s a little daring, but if your household is full of extroverts who enjoying meeting people, post the details on your HOA site or tell a few folks and ask them to spread the word. Before you call a caterer or wonder how to fashion temporary seating out of your mountain of moving boxes, think extremely low-key. Throw a driveway party! Round up lawn chairs, fill coolers with a variety of adult and non-alcoholic beverages and prepare to chat. That guy mowing his lawn two doors down? He’s headed your way.

Try Before You Buy

There is a special way to get to know your new neighborhood if you’re considering one of two ICI Homes communities for your new custom Florida Discovery Tours at Plantation Bayhome. The “Try Before You Buy” program offers three-day, two-night Discovery Tours of Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club in Ormond Beach and Amelia National Golf and Country Club in Fernandina Beach. You’ll stay on-site and sample either community’s top-shelf sporting amenities and dining establishments, plus visit with residents for the “skinny” on life at these exclusive, gated enclaves. Get all the details here.

Ready to find a new neighborhood to explore? ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Home Builder. Begin now.