Get to Know Your New Town: Activities to Enjoy

No matter how exciting, welcomed or anticipated a move to a new town can be, there are certain aspects of moving that aren’t quite as anticipated.

One of those is creating new friendships. Another is learning your way around a new town. If you move from Oregon to Florida, for example, you’re also adjusting to a new climate, state, and town Add job, family and personal responsibilities, and that’s a lot of newness to navigate.

We at ICI Homes understand. We help new Florida residents find their new custom homes every day. Try these activities to get to know your new town.

Start in your neighborhood

Just moved to a master-planned community? Amenities likely were a factor in your decision-making. Common perks such as swimming pools, residents clubs, hiking trails, and playgrounds are yours to enjoy in exchange for monthly HOA fees and annual assessments.

So, go enjoy them!

Being active in your own neighborhood puts you in contact with other new neighbors who also might be seeking new friends. Do your kids love the pickup games at the outdoor basketball courts? Meet other kids and their families. At the very least you might “pick up” recommendations for local athletic leagues, dry cleaners, and restaurants.

If your new community contains a residents club, you’ll find activity calendars on the HOA website or community bulletin boards. Meet your neighbors over common interests. Find a book club meeting, poker tournament or Friday family movie night that aligns with your schedule.

Tried and true activities

Your own proclivities and passions can guide you in your new town. Think volunteering, recreational pursuits, houses of worship and hobby groups as a few of the topics that will help you find fellow enthusiasts.

If you’re an experienced cyclist, then you know local bike shops are a gateway to clubs, riding groups, and events. Other cyclists you’ll meet will refer you to still other clubs, riding groups, events and so on. It’s a no-fail method to create community in a new town.

The same goes for hobbyists and those of you active in your chosen faith. Quilters can find other quilters at fabric and crafting shops. Houses of worship welcome visitors and new members.

Find your own!


You don’t need a passion or expertise to find volunteering opportunities in your new town. All you need is a willingness to help other people and support worthy causes.

If you were active in similar pursuits in your old town, it’s a natural activity to resume once you’ve moved, settled in and unpacked all those cardboard boxes.

You might even volunteer in your own new neighborhood. Check with the board members of your new HOA, or with neighbors who’re hip to neighborhood goings-on.

Undoubtedly some volunteering opportunities exist. Think landscape maintenance that isn’t performed by a contracted company, decorating the residents club for major holiday celebrations, or monitoring the playground for one or two weekdays after school.

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