Top Ways to Settle Into Your New Custom Home

Settling into your new home involves more than flopping in a comfy chair, or popping champagne corks.  But, once you clear the moving boxes and begin thinking about eating something besides delivery pizza, take a few minutes to print out or share this list.

These tasks will help you get to know your new home and community in an organized manner, plus tame the post-move overwhelm. First, recycle the pizza boxes…

No, Seriously, Relax.

Moving into a new custom home is an awesome, exhausting experience. Open that champagne. Do a cannonball into your new pool. If you can, take time to breathe deep and catch up on sleep. Then, you’ll feel like tackling what’s next.dsc_3106_07_08_09_10defaulttweakinside05

Notify Others of Your Address Change

You might have done this pre-move. If not, now’s the time. Begin by filling out a change-of-address form for the United States Post Office. Do it for as many other entities as needed — magazine subscriptions and banking and investment accounts, for example.

Next, transfer existing utilities and services to your new address. This may include items such as internet access and bottled-water suppliers. You’ll likely also need to fill out forms for any new utility and service providers at your new home.

Don’t forget to transfer items such as children’s school records and your medical records.  Tip: many of those forms to fill out may be able to be completed online.

Get to Know Your Home’s Systems

It sounds silly, but it won’t be if a circuit breaker trips in the middle of the night and you don’t know where your new circuit-breaker panel is located. Learn how to program your new security system. Be sure smoke alarms and carbon-monoxide detectors work.

Say Hi to Your Neighbors

Not only is it fun to meet new folks, it’s also establishes community trust. Neighbors who know each other can keep an eye out for everyone’s property. Plus, think of all the social benefits of impromptu cookouts and driveway parties.

Know Your HOA Regulations

It’s part of being a good neighbor. Find out when assessments or annual fees are due. Contribute thoughtful feedback. You may want to volunteer to participate with a landscaping project or to serve on the HOA board of directors.

Do a Driving or Walking Tour

This is a great way to meet your new neighbors, especially if you cruise by on a bicycle or your own two feet. You also can seek the nearest grocery store rather than the pizza-delivery place. Put schools, banks, coffee shops and new workplaces on your tour-de-community list. It’s amazing how settled-in you’ll feel when every errand doesn’t require a map.

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