Top 5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Home Office

Since you live in your office, why not live in it at home?

Whether running a home-based business, telecommuting or tending to a day job at night, today’s new-home buyers are labeling home offices as a “must” rather than a “nice-to-have.”
They’re not talking about balancing a laptop on their knees, or sharing the kitchen table with a third-grader doing homework. They mean real work space. Not making do.
It’s a refrain ICI Homes designers hear loud and clear. Consider these five tips for a home office that works hard and looks good.serena-study-large

Light It Up

Research has shown that natural light boosts one’s mood, so choose a room with a window to import some Florida sunshine. You also might boost the room’s lighting with additional lamps or light fixtures. The latter option becomes more important if your home office can’t be in a room with windows. If that’s the case, try some of the latest-generation LED or compact fluorescent bulbs that mimic natural light.

Exercise Your Creativity

If cost is an obstacle, think do-it-yourself for a desk. A small table can function just as nicely. Or, place a piece of wood paneling or a wide plank across two bookcases or two low filing cabinets to create an inexpensive desk AND storage.

Maximize Space

Especially if you don’t have a room you can convert to an office. Tuck a small desk or table in a large closet. Add a small, comfy chair. You also can make that small desk or table do double duty as a nightstand in a bedroom, then pull up your chair. When you’ve finished working, the chair returns to its designated spot, out of the way. Another space-maximizing option is using a guest bedroom as an office. House your desk or work table somewhere that’s likely unoccupied most of the time.

Be Open to New Ideas

Repurpose an antique table or desk chair for your home office. Repaint or reupholster (or have someone do it) furnishings to fit your tastes. On the other hand, you may need to give up the dream of a behemoth mahogany desk that’s better suited to a banquet hall. Today’s business workhorses of choice — laptops and tablets — don’t require a runway of space. If more than one person in your household needs a home office, try fitting two small desks in the same room, then dividing the space with a book case or other storage pieces. Flipping through online sources and magazines also helps spark new home-office ideas, as do conversations with interior designers. The latter know the latest trends and something cool that might work for you.

Personalize It

Did you inherit Grandpa’s vintage desk lamp? The one with the green glass shade? A home office is a perfect place to enjoy a personal artifact. Echoing paint colors and design themes elsewhere in your home is another way to distinguish your office. Are there multiple colors in the living-room window coverings? Choose your favorite for the window treatments in your office. Harmonizing your decor helps prevent one room from looking wildly out of place.

Ready to add home-office space to your abode? Since ICI Homes in Florida’s Custom Home Builder, we’ll help you create it, light it, personalize it, maximize its space and brainstorm new ideas to enhance its functionality. Click here to get started.