Find Great Space for Telecommuting-In Your Home

As our working world evolves along with business and technological advances, so does where and how we work. Folks who are self-employed or lucky enough to work for a company willing to experiment with employee hours and remote processes, often can do some, if not all, of their jobs at home. Telecommuting — or e-commuting — is here to stay, thanks to commuting hassles and savings in gas expenses, office space and time. The “gig” economy is growing! So, follow us. We’ll show you how to work office space into your new custom Florida home.

Go Big, Or Go To The Real Office

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If you struggle to telecommute outside of a professional business setting, you might need to recreate it. Work-at-home parents can be distracted by kids’ hi jinks. Even if you’re alone, the backyard pool may beckon a bit much. If that’s you, dedicate a room to serious work space. Make it personal and attractive, but choose workhorse furniture and equipment, and perhaps a white board or table to spread out. Soundproof it for your conference calls and to combat barking dogs! Eschew exterior windows if you must! Shut the door! At least you can work in shorts and a T-shirt, and fold laundry on your lunch break.

Carve Out a Corner

If you’ve mastered distraction, or trained your household not to disturb you during “business hours,” consider tucking an office in your kitchen, master bedroom or activity area. A desk or table, shelving and drawers, or a small overhead bookcase in lieu of cabinets, can boost your productivity while keeping you semi-connected to everyone else. Ear buds or headphones can shut them out when you’re on deadline.

Choose Double-Duty Space

Disciplined enough to work anywhere? Practical telecommuting dictates you have to be! Do you work best with minimal office atmosphere? You probably still need a bit of storage and a nook to plop with your laptop — perhaps even a drafting table. Commandeer the “dead” space under a staircase in your new home. Instead of using it as another closet in which to pile junk, ask your builder to incorporate a simple built-in desk with a small cabinet or several shelves, and electrical outlets, in that slice of space. Add a favorite piece of art, a comfortable desk chair, and you’re set. Alternatively, furnish a guest bedroom with a desk or table that can function as office-on-call when you’re not hosting family and friends.

How ICI Homes Can Help

If office space for telecommuting is a priority in your new home, build with us. We’ve built all over the state for more than 30 years, so we know Florida lifestyles. Most of our award-winning home plans are completely customizable. They feature open living areas that can be configured to suit, and often, an adjacent all-purpose room that’s perfect for a home office.

Ready to outfit your work-at-home lifestyle? So is ICI Homes. Talk to us here.