Guide to Choosing Your Bathroom Flooring

You’ll make many decisions when you build your new custom Florida home with ICI Homes, but few decisions are more important than choosing bathroom flooring material. Get it wrong, and you might be constantly mopping. Get it right, and you’ll be happy each time you step in or out of the shower. Since there isn’t one magic bathroom flooring choice for all households, read on for more on how to make that decision.

Decide Taste, Style and Color

When you choose flooring for a new custom home, think how it will frame your interiors. A casual coastal decor might not require elegant marble tile. If your household is extremely active and includes pets with furry feet and claws, your bathroom flooring should be practical and conceal scars. Another consideration is color. Light tiles? Dark grout? Or dark tiles? Light grout?ICI Vienna PB_0050_1_2_3_4_5_6_tonemapped

How Hard Will Your Bathrooms Work?

A powder room used primarily by guests won’t be pounded by daily use. This might be a good spot to feature those elegant Italian marble floor tiles. Kids’ bathrooms, master bathrooms and bathrooms that service outdoor living areas do get pounded by daily use. You want all your bathrooms to look chic and pleasant, but you don’t want to fret the durability and cleanup of bathroom floors that support constant foot traffic, splashing kids and muddy paws.

Slay the Moisture Dragon First

Water is the critical element in bathrooms. All your custom-material choices here will reflect its presence, but the flooring must be oblivious to overflows, splashes and frequent spills and mop-ups. Hardwood floors probably aren’t the answer, no matter how much their classicism may unify the rest of your new home. Try a wood-look tile instead. Safety is an equal concern. Your bathroom floor shouldn’t be a skating rink when damp. Flooring with natural grip (think ridged or textured stone) is more sure-footed than something slick and glazed. Small tiles with lots of grout lines provides a similar effect

Top Bathroom Flooring Options

There’s a reason tile rules the bathroom category of custom flooring design. Its range of colors, shapes and combinations can create simple, symmetry or an intricate, rug-like mosaic. Ceramic tile is the standard, but tiles fashioned from natural stone — think limestone, slate, marble and granite — supply different looks and luxuries. And upkeep. Some natural materials require sealing and retreating after several years of use. If you’re using your upgrade budget in another area of your new custom home, linoleum always is a smart choice. The sheet variety creates a waterproof surface and today’s linoleum patterns and colors are as current as your new interiors.

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