The Mom Behind Food Brings Hope

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, most of us take a few minutes and reflect on our moms and the other mother figures that have made a positive impact on our lives.

At ICI Homes, we are very fortunate to have a woman who is not only Mom to her three daughters and large extended family but over the years, has also served as Mom-in-Chief to many of us here at ICI Homes.

A few weeks back, we discussed how ICI Homes has given back to the communitythrough the generosity of our founder, Mori Hosseini.  It seems that this generosity runs deep within the family as his wife, Forough B. Hosseini, is never content to let a day go by without helping a child. It is because of this that she started a small miracle project about seven years ago called Food Brings Hope.

Forough B. Hosseini, FBH Founder and Chair

Food Brings Hope was founded in 2007 with the vision that children should be free from hunger. Since its humble beginnings of about 30 kids who needed after school care, the effort has grown into one of the most impactful charities in the area to date. Through the extraordinary support of a generous community, Food Brings Hope now touches the lives of 500 school aged children.

The organization helps children in need through several key initiatives such as:

School Programs

Their after-school programs serve more than 500 students in ten Volusia County schools, providing nourishing meals, enhanced academics, rewards for improvement and opportunities to participate in sporting and cultural events.  School teachers and principals testify that these activities contribute to improved test scores, reduced disciplinary referrals and absenteeism, and an increase in the number of students completing each grade level.

Farshad Babazadeh Honors Program

One of the school programs offered through Food Brings Hope is the Farshad Babazadeh, or more commonly, the FBHonors program. This program was instituted in 2012 to help the highest achieving students reach their fullest potential. Heavily centered on STEM programming, the FBHonors Program has been greatly influenced by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s STEM Outreach Club which has visited FBHonors’ campuses to inform students of educational opportunities in STEM fields and has provided organized activities on its campus to further enrich and challenge students.

“The students we serve at FBH may be economically disadvantaged, but that shouldn’t mean they must be academically disadvantaged as well,” says Mrs. Hosseini. “We believe that providing access to technology and the educational tools that come with it is an important tactic in pursuing our objective to foster the talent of these bright young minds and ultimately help them reach their fullest potential.”

Forough B. Hosseini presents the class with new tablets
Forough B. Hosseini presents the class with new tablets

The HOPE Project

The organization’s latest initiative, The HOPE Project, has been established to provide homeless unaccompanied youth with a safe and stable living environment. The HOPE House is established for homeless girls attending Volusia County High Schools.  In addition to providing shelter, they also offer services to help them prosper including mentoring, transportation, nutritional training, higher education counseling, medical services, etc.

Prom Kick ball
Forough and participants of the “Prom Dress Kickball” fundraiser

When it comes to children, Forough’s maternal instincts know no bounds… and even though she’s not old enough to be Mom to so many, she manages to do just that….and we at ICI Homes salute her!

 Wishing every mom a very happy Mother’s Day!!


 100% of all donations go toward these important initiatives at Food Brings Hope. For more information about this organization and how you can help, click here.

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