Building Your New FL Custom Home: Days 30-60

Floorplans on Paper

Last month, we covered what you should expect in the first 30 days of building your new custom ICI home.

During the next 30 days, we’ll finally have an approved permit in hand and immediately begin working on your home.

Breaking Ground

Usually about 45 days after you signed your contract, you will begin to see your ICI team begin the foundation framing process. After the team clears and prepares your homesite, it’ll be time to lay the foundation.

Now, this process is a little more extensive than just pouring in concrete and waiting for it to dry, so let’s take a look at a few of the major steps involved.


At this point, you’ll be able to start seeing the outline of your home take shape. Your home’s outline will be bordered with stakes at each corner of the foundation. These stakes will create a border for the footing which is where the concrete will be poured to create a solid foundation.

While most home builders use 2500 psi concrete, we use 3000 psi in the foundation of all of our homes. Concrete psi is the reference explaining the strength of the concrete. Concrete needs to be stronger depending on what is being done with it and or put on it.

We use fiber mesh in our home foundations which help prevent cracks in the concrete slabs and also add support to protect from the typical Florida settlement. We also use wired mesh in the garage and lanai area footings of the home. The wired mesh sits up off the grade half way into the concrete that will be poured to prevent cracking.

Fun Fact: We place 3 rebars on rod chairs (shown below with two) in the footing of each home before pouring concrete. This allows the concrete to completely surround the rebars which adds additional support to the foundation of your new home!


Pour the Foundation

Once inspectors check the footing of the home, concrete can be poured to form your foundation.

This process is both an art as well as a science. The quality of your home’s foundation can be effected by several factors including weather, the time of day and more, and we closely monitor each of these variables to ensure the highest quality pour possible.

Once the pour is complete, your foundation will be left to cure and harden before any real stress is placed on it and any further work is done on your home.

Join Us Next Month

Tune in next month to learn what you can expect by the 90 day mark. Once the block goes up, it’s going to really start looking like a house!

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