Endless Summer-ish

Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer, and the corresponding annual ritual of celebrating its passing has come and gone. Tourists and residents crammed the roadways and filled the airlines while flocking to the Florida beaches, soaking up the sun, splashing in the Atlantic Ocean, and packing bars and restaurants.

Couple on Florida Beach
ICI can build your custom home and you too can enjoy the Florida lifestyle!

Another sure sign that summer is winding down and autumn is officially nearly upon us: Football season is here as NFL and college fans select their fantasy teams and big-screen televisions are put to full use. Sunshine and dripping sweat is giving way to raking leaves, brisk winds, cold or frigid days and nights, heaters, hot chocolate, Halloween costumes, and grown men pummeling each other in pursuit of a stitched, brown, leather object and the endzone. Playoff Major League Baseball and the NHL aren’t far behind either. So bundle up, friends, and make your list and check it twice because winter and the frozen gridiron aren’t far behind.

Or are they?! For those of us living in Florida, we’ll be basking in sunshine and enjoying the outdoors, minus stocking cap and wool mittens and heavy coat, virtually year-round. Jealous? You needn’t necessarily be. As a “Top 100 Homebuilder” in the USA as ranked annually by Builder magazine, we’re building great custom homes in beautiful communities of central, east and north Florida; and more development is on the way! Whether you’re in the market at around $200,000 or ready to spend really big at $1 million or more, ICI Homes can customize a home so you too can live a Florida lifestyle!

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