Make Your Home into a Relaxation Haven

Go to your family room. Shut your eyes. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. When you open them, do you feel relaxed or stressed? Ever wonder what you could do to make your home feel more relaxing? Try a few of these simple tricks to make your home into a sanctuary.

Make Your Home into a Relaxation Haven - ICI Showcase DSC 1555 6 7 8 9 tonemapped1. Keep it cozy – Use rustic pieces, casual furniture and natural décor. Having a decorative piece such as a bowl of fresh fruit or pinecones give off a healthier, fresh scent! Try upholstering your headboard for reading in bed to make you as comfortable as possible. Furniture with tailored lines will keep you calm and give off a sense of organization.

2. Your own little getaway – Create that perfect space that gives you peace from the worries of the world. This can be an outdoor space on the balcony where you read your morning newspaper or a corner of your home with a comfy recliner. Having a peaceful getaway spot signifies escaping from stress.

3. Plants and flowers – Always have plants. Some plants are scientifically proven to bring you relaxation and stress relief. Start growing lavender. Make Your Home into a Relaxation Haven - blog2Lavender is an aromatic option that contains oils with scents that not only relax you, help you sleep, but has been proven to relieve stress and pain. Try planting lemon balm. It’s easy to grow and can be used for healthy, rejuvenating teas when dried.

4. Put that bathtub to use – If you have a Jacuzzi tub or even a shower area, make it into your own, personal spa. Create the spa experience by buying an assortment of white aromatherapy candles and set that spa ambiance! Add relaxing sounds such as zen music, Enya or nature sounds. Visualize what a spa looks like and mirror it. Try a white theme in your bathroom or keep it to one calming color. Make Your Home into a Relaxation Haven - blog1

5. Calming colors matter – Studies show that there is a psychological advantage to colors such as greens and blues. These colors have been proven to evoke tranquility and soothe the mind. Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans used color to heal. Lighter tones, such as pinks, can calm and relax. So what to stay away from if you are looking to get your zen on? Stay away from reds. They can raise your blood pressure and make your heart beat faster. Black. It is dark and has proved to be depressing.

6. Toss it to organize itMake Your Home into a Relaxation Haven - blog3De-cluttering is extremely important. Take the clutter, get a trash can, ask yourself if you need it. Have you used it in the past 6 months? If not, toss it. Simple as that. Same with furniture and accessories. Keeping a clean and organized home will reflect organization in your life.

After you have incorporated a few of these tips into your home, try reading the beginning of this blog again and see if your answer changes.

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