Bonus Rooms and New Florida Homes

Bonus Rooms in New Florida Homes

You found the floor plan you like for your opens in a new windownew Florida home, but it has one more room than you have children to fill. Or, if you are empty-nesters, it has four bedrooms and you don’t think you’ll ever have that many guests.

What you’ve got is a bonus room in your opens in a new windownew Florida home. Take pleasure in the fact that you have a room that you can use for many different reasons.

Bonus Rooms and New Florida Homes - Florida home8

Here are a few ideas on what you can use it for:

Office Space: Whether you work at home or would just like to have a place where you can pay the bills, research plans for a home improvement, shopping trip or vacation, or just read a book, having an office is a simple, inexpensive luxury.
You can either go formal and use wood paneling and floors, or do something more soothing with a deep red. You could go more modern with yellow or orange tones, or something in comforting brown tones.

Recreation: A pool table, a ping-pong table or just a table to play cards on could easily make your bonus room a rec room. Paint it in bright colors and put in brightly colored furnishings to make it fun. Or you could go with a big-screen TV for sports and paint it in the colors of your favorite team.

Fitness Center: You could make yourself a simple fitness center with just a treadmill and some weights, or go extravagant with a weight station. Better yet, consider one of the new motion-sensor game consoles that let you exercise as you play anything from tennis to boxing. For a fitness center it’s best to keep things simple and light. While you don’t want anything too monochromatic, you don’t want a splashy red or green either.

So while you might think that extra space is a room too far in your opens in a new windownew Florida home, it’s actually a simple luxury you can enjoy.

For ideas about bonus rooms and other building tips, talk to our representatives at opens in a new windowICI Homes. We’ve been building in Florida for 30 years and know all the angles.

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