Keeping Sand Out of Florida Homes

When you live in Florida, especially along the coast, you inevitably are tempted to hit the beach. After all, that’s why many people buy Florida homes.

But the last thing you want to do in Florida homes is track in sand, especially in your new home from ICI Homes. The high humidity in Florida can make it a mess and you can never really get rid of all of it.

While it is impossible to keep all sand out of Florida homes, there are some ways you can reduce the amount of sand tracked in by the kids, the dog, you.

— Be sure you have a bag big enough to carry everything you’re taking to the beach, preferably a mesh one. with a mesh bag, you can put everything back in it and shake it really well before putting it in the car. Hopefully you’ll be leaving the sand at the beach.

— Before you leave, drag out the water hose so you’ll have it handy when you return. You can hose down everyone before they go into the house. Don’t use the extreme jet setting on dad, though. Rinse everything else off and hopefully all the sand will stay in the yard.

— Make everyone shake out their shoes before they come inside, or better yet, just have them leave their shoes outside.

— Take a brush with you to the beach. You can brush sand off your body after you leave the beach, which can be more effective than simply shaking it off.

— Invest in a small vacuum for removing sand that will fall in the car.

Sand and Florida homes is inevitable, but hopefully these tips will have keep your ICI Homes looking as new as possible.

Keeping Sand Out of Florida Homes - Florida homes

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