11 Ways to Stretch Your Remodeling Budget

Remodeling your home is considerably different from building your new home. Your home becomes a worksite, living side-by-side with the project from start to finish.  Not only can this make you stressful, but keeping expenditures under control throughout the remodeling process is another huge factor that most homeowners have to deal with.

Better Homes & Gardens has come up with 11 Ways to Stretch Your Remodeling Budget to minimize some of this stress:

  1. Make Plans
  2. Know Your Budget
  3. Expect the Unexpected
  4. Communicate with Your Contractor
  5. Be Willing To Compromise
  6. Research Stock Remodeling Plans
  7. Roll Up Your Sleeves
  8. Combine Projects
  9. Hide the Uglies
  10. Choose Fixtures from the Same Manufacturer
  11. Account for Permits and Permit Fees

Follow these guidelines and have your budget plans mapped out before remodeling begins.  It may not prevent the home from being dust-free or fully functional once construction begins, but it will help alleviate the stress from burning a hole in your bank account.

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