Minimalist Interior Design

Looking for a simple, clutter-free look to add to your home? Minimalist Interior Design schemes are all the trend for 2011.  According to the article Minimalist Interior Design by, for this cutting edge style it takes hard work to keep it tidy, clean and totally clutter-free.  Here are some tips to create this minimal look.

Walls and Colors-White is the ultimate, but stick to pale and neutral colors for the whole room.  Accent colors are allowed, but use one such as a bright red.

Furniture- Your furniture needs to be classy and simple. Plain and bright colored furniture works best with glossy textures.  Make sure you use low level furniture to make the room look less bulky.

Flooring– Clean lines and hard surfaces such as tiles, wood and concrete are ideal flooring for a minimal room.  Add a small rug to give it a more “lively” feel.

Windows- Bare windows are the way to go, but if you want to be more private choose plain modern, simple shutters and blinds.

Accessories- The whole idea is to have as little furniture as possible.  Storage is key to make sure that stuff hidden.  Limit yourself to one cool painting or vase.   Choose your lighting carefully and make sure the accessories to your room are simple, but still feel like a home.

Modern interior design style rooms are not for everyone, but if you like the clutter-free and simple feel this is a trendy way to go!

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