Color Personality Defined

Unsure whether to color your bedroom a yellow or a blue? There is no right or wrong way to pick out a color, but figuring out the right one that defines you will make you feel right at home in your surroundings.  According to Great Home Decorating, in the article Color Personality Defined, there are two different overall color classes- warm colors and cool colors.  Each class has a different definition and personality.  So which one are you or are you both?  Check out the different shades below and see what you colors in your home say about you.

Warm colors can give us “warm” feelings:

Yellow: This color reminds us of sunshine and heat.  There are many different shades that create that warm feeling, but choose a toned down yellow so it is not so overpowering like the sun.

Red: The color red stimulates appetite.  Many restaurants and dining room colors use red for their      accent color.  Red is a very powerful color, so using it as an accent color instead of the main color will make your area more calming.

Orange:  Less dramatic than red is orange.  It is a happy color that creates more of a welcoming space.  The softer shades are the most popular.

Cool colors can give us that “outdoor” feel:

Green:  This works well with any rooms in the home.  It brings the outdoors inside and makes the area peaceful.  It is best to use this color in the bedroom.

Blue: Mixing this color with green, enhances the relaxing environment in any place of a room.  Blue is the opposite of red, so it is known to suppress the appetite.  If you want your guests to eat stick to the reds in the dining room and restaurant area.

Violet: This calming color is more popular as an accent.  This shade looks beautiful when it is soften next to white trim and dark floors.

If you are a warm and a cool color personality, try to keep the same classes in the same rooms.  It might be overwhelming mixing the colors together.

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