How To Give A Holiday Party With Minimal Fuss and Expense

It is your turn to throw the Holiday party and you just forked out money for the utility bill. Being a host or hostess of a party might be damaging to the pocket, but could be prevented according to How to Give a Holiday Party with Minimal Fuss and Expense by  Below is simple money saving tips that will help you throw a great party with tons of friends and great food!

The Numbers Game Surprise– Even if there is a large crowd of people stay away from hiring a caterer!  Use your favorite cookbooks, holiday magazines or recipe file boxes.

A People Mover– Choose your drinks carefully.  Stick to the basics such as beer, wine and sodas.  Make sure that the bar is in a prime location where it is easy to grab a cocktail and mingle.

A Workable Menu- Stick to dips and veggies for appetizers and a buffet is recommended because it is simple to offer a variety of dishes.

A Little Help From A Friend- Ask a pal to assist you with the party.  While you are mingling with guests, have them help you clean up extra glasses and plates.

Leave Them With a Bang- Leave a lasting memory of a great party with dessert and coffee table.  The table can be set up before the guests arrive.

The Results- Have fun with your guests! Browse the room, turn up the music and start a dance!

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