Practice as if it’s a Real Match

There are many ways to improve your tennis game even if you are a competitive or a recreational player. Some tennis players like to do running drills and focusing on their stroke, while others feel that playing practice matches can really intensify your game. There is no wrong way of improving your game, but below are some tennis tips on getting the most out of your tennis game by practicing as if it’s a real match.

If you find that your match results aren’t meeting your expectations, take a hard look at how you practice. It so easy to go on the tennis court and hitting ground strokes with a partner. Match play toughness improves when match play conditions are encountered more often.

Try to play practice sets with the teammate that you will be partnered with that week. Play a match (that’s two full sets) against a challenging team. Win, lose, or tie play a 10 point match tiebreak so you are comfortable with the format. If you still feel that you are stuck in the same style of playing, make sure you are looking outside your group to help develop different aspects of your game. This way you will gain a variety of matching styles to help improve your game strategy and stroke.

Finally, nothing brings out the best in our performance than incentive. So, losers buy the drinks after the match. If it’s an important team match that is coming up, play for lunch. You will be surprised how a little incentive improves your practice and your match results. So give your best effort and make it the most on the tennis court while you are having fun. Good Luck!

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