Area Real Estate Markets Expected to Remain Strong


Rosemary Messina, vice president for marketing at ICI Homes, said judging by the activity from the company’s online sales center, there is continued enthusiasm for new homes. We’re seeing the same enthusiasm throughout all our divisions. The strong real estate market is expected to continue in spite of hurricane season. If anything, people in older Read More »

Your Financial Roadmap to a New Home

So, it’s time to buy a home. Many of you likely are ready to do so for very different reasons. For one, you might be starting a family and need more space. Two, you might be only months from retirement and long have been ogling a move to the beach. Three, you might want to Read More »

‘Nobody Told Me!’ Home-Buying Fees Explained Here


No matter your tax bracket or life circumstance, buying a new custom home is one of the largest financial transactions you’ll make. There’s no dismissing that fact, but if you’re a first-time buyer, you should understand that it-costs-lots-of-money means more than simply a big outlay of cash. For example, your credit health must be good. Read More »

Buying Vs. Renting Part 5: Our Best Advice

Buy or Rent? Part 5

Should You Rent or Buy? A Guide Buying a home is a serious adult activity. None of it is one-size-fits-all. We’re as individual as our DNA and life situations, and it’s silly for us — or anyone — to dictate decisions to you. Our goal in Buying Versus Renting is drilling down to basics, using Read More »

Buying Vs. Renting Part 4: Home Sweet Where?

Rent or Buy? Part 4

Should You Rent or Buy? A Guide When you’re deciding whether to leave the rent cycle and buy a new home, many factors compete for your attention. The financial one is the weightiest. “Property taxes!” pundits, experts and media howl. “You don’t pay those as a renter.” “Home maintenance costs!” “You’ll lose money if you Read More »

Buying Versus Renting Part 2: The Money Stuff

Rent or Buy? Part 2

Should You Rent or Buy? A Guide In the financial, home building and real-estate industries, the question of buying a home versus renting one prompts all sorts of calculators, graphics and pro-and-con discussions. It’s a perpetual topic that ebbs and flows according to interest rates and financial markets. Full disclosure: we’re not crunching all those Read More »