How to Choose a New Home That’s Right for You

How to choose a home that's right for youFor many buyers, the process of acquiring a new custom Florida home can have all the twists and turns of an amusement park ride.

It does require plenty of introspection, planning and patience regardless of whether this is your first home purchase or your fifth. But, everyone’s experience can be smoother no matter what the residential housing market is up to. Especially if you’re an overwhelmed first-time buyer!

Read on for ICI Homes’ helpful tips on how to choose a new home.

Know your financials

Buying a new custom Florida home is one of largest financial transactions that most of us will make. Assessing your financial health before you start the process will make all the steps and decisions that follow, much easier.

It’s important to understand your price range, your ability to make a down payment, what it takes to get pre-approved for a mortgage (more on that below), and what your monthly budget will look like once you purchase a new custom Florida home.

So spend whatever times it takes to examine your expenses and income, and definitely check your credit score. You’ll establish a solid foundation for your home-buying journey, plus know whether you need more time or additional financial preparation.

Which brings us to …

Know how to get pre-approved

This is critical if you’re buying your new custom Florida home via a mortgage. It makes the previous step — knowing the state of your financial health — that much more important.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage — as in, ready to begin that process once you find your new custom Florida home — removes the worry of whether you CAN be approved. Taking care of this step also allows you to act when market conditions and interest rates are favorable for you.

Equally important? Being pre-approved for a mortgage gives you a price range. You’ll know what’s smartest for your budget, and not waste time looking at homes that don’t fit it.

Already there? Utilize ICI Homes’ financial tools to dive deeper.

Which brings us to…

How to Choose a New Home That’s Right for You - Know what you want and know what you need 683x1024 1Know what you want

Everyone moves for a specific reason, but many of us are hoping to capture all the spaces, perks and upgrades in our next homes, that we don’t have in our current one.

Make a list of all the features you and your household really want, then use those preferences as you shop for your new custom Florida home. This also eliminates the distraction of  unnecessary features.

Which brings us to…

Know what you need

Another focusing mechanism is listing, separately, all the non-negotiable features your new home must have, then comparing it side-by-side with your separate list of “wants” as you tour homes in person and via ICI Homes’ website.

Hardwood or tile floors? Three bathrooms or four? An in-law suite or multigenerational home?

Following these steps will help you choose the home that’s right for you!

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