Unique, Fun (and Thrifty) Ways to Personalize a New Home

Regardless of whether you’re on the first step in your homeownership journey, or in that dream abode-come-true, there are plenty of unique, fun (and thrifty) ways to personalize a new home of any size. You’ve just bought or moved into your new custom Florida home, and now you can’t wait to make it your own. Personalize a New HomeBut, if you’re like most of us, you likely want your wish list of new furnishings to be doable and affordable!

Read on for inspiration.

Art and antiques

If you have furnishings and/or decorative objects that belonged to a loved one and remain beloved, by all means include those items in your new custom Florida home.

They can help personalize a new home by adding something familiar. Plus, a beautiful chest of drawers or original charcoal drawing will always be in style.

Here, we mean art and antiques you might find in shops, online, or at garage sales and flea markets. Scoring a set of vintage rattan barstools or whimsical watercolors is a great way to supplement your existing décor and spice it up with new colors, style and decorative sass.

Re-think art

Next, consider paintings, drawings, prints, catchy sign sayings, and other wall art you already own. Whoops — don’t have any, other than diplomas, wedding photos and kids’ report cards?

These are important milestone markers, but you can add some easy pizzazz. Leave the diplomas in a home office, kids’ report cards in a file folder, and limit wedding photos to one great image somewhere in the owners’ suite.

Instead, use the kids’ artwork from school — those art projects that end up on the fridge. Work with the young artists in your family to choose everyone’s favorites, then take them to a frame shop and have them inexpensively and uniformly framed. Bonus points if you and the kids are DIYers who can tackle this project yourselves!

Then, display the pieces together for an original family gallery over the breakfast table, in an activity room, or a child’s bedroom.

Here’s another idea for older kids and adults: anyone love and collect vintage comic books? Pick out your favorites and have them framed in a similar manner. Same goes for the dust covers of your favorite books, or all the concert tickets you’ve saved since seventh grade.

All of these items, displayed protectively and together, tell stories you can’t buy in any store. What better way to personalize a new home?

Think outside the furniture box

Don’t want to give up your new kitchen counters to bar space?

No problem. Select a nearby wall that needs decorative assistance, Unique, Fun (and Thrifty) Ways to Personalize a New Home - Costa Mesa PB 422 3 4 5 6 7 8 Enhancer copythen recycle a piece of existing furniture, or score a bar cart from a local antique shop. Add a large, inexpensive wall mirror from a big-box store.

Safely hang the mirror on the wall behind the bar cart or existing furniture, and voila — a unique bar with a shimmery backdrop.

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