Smart Reasons to Buy Your New Home in a New Community

Buying a new home isn’t always the effortless, enjoyable experience we’d all like it to be.

There are a lot of variables and learning gaps, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer, and sometimes the processes end up being anything except community

But living in a human world doesn’t mean that home buying can’t be fun and successful. We at ICI Homes have some suggestions on how to stack the odds in your favor.

Read on for smart reasons to buy your new home in a new community.

You get what you want

Buying in a new master-planned community gives you the opportunity to find the best home for your household. It guarantees you making all the choices, and getting exactly what you want.

You don’t have to settle for someone else’s paint colors, floorplan and aging infrastructure in a resale home.

This is even more of a perk if you build with us at ICI Homes. Not only will you have a new home, you can make it totally yours by taking advantage of our cost-free customization meeting available to all potential ICI Homes customers.

Sit down with one of our talented floorplan designers and choose your favorite plan, or tweak one to your needs and specifications. Many tweaks also are cost-free. Just ask.

You still can have what you want in a new master-planned community if you snag an inventory home in its early stages of construction. Inventory homes are popular plans built for people who eschew the building process, or need a finished structure quickly due to timeframe constraints.

Snag your inventory home early enough, and select all the finishes, colors and materials as if you’d chosen it from scratch.

You get popular amenities

And brand-new amenities. That makes a difference. Some of the most popular amenities are pools, and a residents club that serves as a gathering spot for community activities, meetings or group-watching a big game. Hiking trails that wind through a new neighborhood also are very popular.

You get better choices

Because everything in a new master-planned community is new, you have much more leeway than if you bought a resale home there.

Early in the project’s life, you have your pick of great lots, overall siting and price incentives. That get-in-on-the-ground floor axiom is true — buying early gives you the prime selections.

But don’t fret if you’re buying in Phase II or III of a larger community. Simply follow the same advice — buy early in those phases’ construction to get exactly what you want.

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