Use Model Homes as Laboratories, Not Only Eye Candy

Interested in building a new custom Florida home? Not sure what floorplan you’d like?

One of the best solutions is to tour our model homes. These are actual homes built to depict decorative styles and floorplans available in a particular community, and experiencing them on-site is Use Model Homes as Laboratories, Not Only Eye Candy - sm Use Model Homes as Laboratories Not Only Eye Candybetter than any online photos or virtual-reality video.

The latter options, of course, are extremely helpful if you can’t tour specific model homes in person. Definitely take advantage of those online resources. But if you can wrangle a weekend, or even a day off to visit the master-planned communities that intrigue you, don’t hesitate.

It’s time more than well spent. You’ll also want to make the most of that opportunity without wasting it and we at ICI Homes have some suggestions.

Our advice? Use model homes as laboratories, not only eye candy.

Know what you want

As much as possible. This means knowing how your household uses your current home, and features you like — or don’t — in your new home.

A three-car garage may be a must this time around. Or a home office that can masquerade as a comfortable guest room. Maybe you’d love to include that Florida signature, the summer kitchen, as part of your new custom home’s outdoor living space.

Before you actively begin touring model homes, whether online or in person, it’s helpful to gather everyone and make lists of must-haves and don’t-wants. When you’re touring a model home and spot a giant wine cooler you don’t need, you can walk right by it without being tempted!

Take notes, photos and videos

When visiting model homes in person, don’t simply wander through them and gawk.

Well, do gawk for a moment — they’re usually attractive and beautifully decorated!

But if you want to get the most out of your model-home experience, treat it as a fun assignment. Wander through a model home the first time and allow yourself to ooh and aah. Then walk around the second time and notice details. Take notes on a paper pad, or your phone or tablet. Snap photos. Roll some video.

In master-planned communities that boast multiple model homes, you can compare and contrast floorplans, elevations and interior designs all in the same model home park.

Then, once you’re ready to build your own home, the results of that thoughtful model-home reconnaissance can give you a huge head start on preferences.

Chat up the sales agents

Those on duty at model homes are founts of knowledge. They can tell you about everything from the surrounding community to the most popular paint colors.

Sales agents are your on-the-scene go-to for pricing, construction calendars and almost anything you can think to ask them. They’ll also load you up with handy handouts (site plans, amenities, HOA fees and the like).

If what you’ve seen isn’t quite right for you, sales agents usually are happy to refer you to other master-planned communities developed by the same builder.

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