Think Like a Designer: Tips For Your New Home’s Decor

You’re ready to build your new custom Florida home, or already are under contract and underway.

Yay!Think Like a Designer: Tips For Your New Home’s Decor

Now you must decorate it.


That’s often the reaction from folks who aren’t into such things, or who’ve never had to tackle the assignment. Choosing paint colors just isn’t on their bucket list, and they’re fine with whatever their spouse or partner or kids want.

But if every member of your household is in a we’ve-never-done-this design quandary, never fear. If you take advantage of the complimentary customization consultation available to every potential ICI Homes customer (please do!), you’ll have one of our talented floor plan designers help you choose and/or tweak a floor plan.

Then, when you’re under contract and must choose those paint colors, flooring, cabinet knobs and other items, you’ll have a design consultant at the ICI Homes Design Center to guide you.

In the interim, here’s a primer on how to think like a designer.

Classics are always in style

This applies to everything in design, from building materials to floor plans. Some examples:

Neutral colors — white and beige are most common — provide a versatile background that unifies a home’s other decorative elements.

Harder flooring materials such as tile, stone and their composite lookalikes are nearly impervious and easy to clean. Wooden floors are timeless and always will be. There’s almost nothing in the decorating world that won’t go well with them.

Homes with lots of windows are light, airy, and yet cozy, pleasant places to reside.

Getting the drift?

Trust your instincts

Even if you profess to know nothing about interior design, you know how building interiors make you feel.

You might dislike your office at work. Why (aside from the fact you have to be there)?

What’s your favorite public building or private home you’ve ever been in? Why?

To break it down, you’ve probably walked into friends’ and family members’ homes and thought, “oh, this looks cool.” Think why those particular interior designs and vibes appealed to you.

Need more help? What colors and clothing styles do you tend to buy? When you’re rushing through your morning routine, what design aspects of your current home aggravate you? That you’d like to change?

Go model home shopping

Not literally — unless you find one that’s so you, you’re ready to make an offer!

The real tip is to tour as many ICI Homes model home parks as possible, both in communities where you’re considering building, and others where you’re not. This is the best way for non-design types to see myriad examples of styles, materials and floor plans.

Take photos of things that appeal to you. Make notes on your phone or a small note pad. Talk to the sales staff on duty for in-depth information on building materials, design options and pricing.

That’s why they’re there — especially for design newbies like you!

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