How to Plan Your Visit to the ICI Homes Design Center

One of the most fun tasks of building a new custom Florida home — or most dreaded, depending on your outlook — is choosing the interior design elements for it.

That’s all you, Dear Customer!interior design elements

We’ll help you through every step. But, you must make those choices – on your own, or with the aid of a spouse, partner or family member. Why? We won’t live in your new home, and we want you to be happy with the entire homebuilding and ownership experience.

Fortunately for us and you, there’s an easy, and we think fun, solution with our ICI Homes Design Center. It’s a cool studio stocked with kitchen and bathroom mockups of countertop, hardware and color samples, plus samples of flooring, paint colors and other interior design elements.

You’ll have a nice, large conference table under great lighting to spread out your samples. Think of assembling a life-sized puzzle, because that’s what you’re doing — and you’ll do it all with the aid of one of our experienced design consultants.

See? It’s not nearly as intimidating as some of you might think. Fun, even.

Here are some tips on planning your visit to the design center.

Have a good attitude

This isn’t a trip to the dentist. It may not be exactly how you’d like to spend those hours, but it’s completely doable and might even prove interesting once you arrive and get busy.

Our design consultants are fun, knowledgeable folks who work with all kinds of customers. This ranges from someone who might be a designer himself or herself, to someone who’s never entered a home improvement warehouse.

Be honest about any hesitancies, questions and confusion, and they’ll be glad to put you at ease.

Plan for lunch

Customers who build homes with us are asked to make two trips to the ICI Homes Design Center. One is a pre-contract visit — usually less than hour — to make initial design element selections. This is top-line only, so that your sales agent(s) can incorporate those estimated costs into your contract.

After you sign your contract, you’ll return for a day-long visit to finalize those choices or make new ones. You’ll also go over absolutely everything about your floorplan from the design perspective.

Be sure to consider food for that second visit. Snacks and drinks will be available, but it’s a good idea to bring your favorites, pack a lunch, or plan with your consultant when to break to go get lunch.

Full stomachs help everything!

Make lists

This sounds simple, but it’s really helpful once you’re in the design center and trying to choose the elements for your new home.

A day or so before your design sessions, jot down any questions you’d like to ask your design consultant. Another suggestion is to list materials, colors or decorative elements you’d particularly like to see, and those you know you don’t want.

You also can compile a list of links to online photos or home design websites that illustrate decor preferences, or convey certain “looks” to share with your consultant.

It’s important to be prepared. Simply having a basic sense of how you use your home, what decorative elements you like, or are drawn to, go a long way to maximizing your time in the design center.

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