Here’s What to Do With That Bonus Room

Many ICI Homes floor plans include what’s traditionally called a bonus room. Also known as a flex space.

It’s square footage in a particular floor plan that’s available for use per an ICI Homes customer’s needs. Very often it’s slotted on a plan — you’ll see a large room upstairs over a garage labeled a Here’s What to Do With That Bonus Room - sm Heres What to Do With That Bonus Roombonus room, for example — or tucked near living areas as a potential home office.

What you make of it is up to you. And it often can be shifted in many plans. You’re not stuck with what might be a static area of little use to your household, upon your first glance at a floor plan you like.

The key to getting exactly what you want from your bonus room or flex space, is to take advantage of your free customization consultation available to every ICI Homes customer. You’ll meet with one of our talented floor plan designers to discuss your needs and parameters.

In turn, they’ll help you tweak your flex space — often at no cost.

Read on for more ideas of what to do with that bonus room.

Family activity room

This usually means “kids’ activity room,” but there’s no reason everyone can’t enjoy it.

Typically it’s an open area off of family bedrooms where comfortable seating and work tables or desks are arranged for homework, crafts or games. A casual den, in traditional parlance, but usually on second floors of two-level floor plans, and open to staircases.

You also can snag an extra bedroom as the flex space and use it as an all-purpose activity room.

Summer kitchen

Take your flex space outdoors and opt for that staple of modern Florida living.

If you’re unfamiliar, a summer kitchen is the easiest way to do cookouts. It’s usually adjacent to the indoor kitchen, to make it easy to supply, but open-air with a sheltering roof, and accompanied by comfy seating for meals or lounging.

Outfit the space as a working kitchen — picture your gas grill as the “stove.” A sink, under-the-counter refrigerator and storage are common features.

The best part? Thanks to the roof, your summer kitchen won’t be disturbed by the weather. No more sprinting into the garage with a hot grill!

Man (and woman) cave

We see you, enthusiastic female sports fans. This can be your space too.

But, it doesn’t have to be dedicated to a sport or team. Everyone’s Little League photos and golfing memorabilia can provide decorative accents. Personalize it with framed photos of epic tailgating and autographed equipment.

A large television, generous seating and mini-bar are de rigor.

Home theater

Avid TV watchers and movie buffs will clamor for this option.

There are as many configuration and levels of expense as you can imagine. But don’t forget the location of a home theater is especially important. It should be away from bedrooms, where Movie Nights won’t disturb anyone.

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