Don’t Hesitate to Sell Your Home in Winter: Here’s Why

Need to sell your current home? Buy a new custom Florida home?

But whoops — it’s deep January outside. Not the greatest time to sell or purchase a new home, according to traditional real-estate marketing advice.Sell Your Home in Winter

Banish that restrictive thinking! Especially if a family, job or personal reason compels you to move during home-buying’s so-called “offseason.” Several factors can make it easier than you think to sell and/or buy a home in winter, and we spell them out below.

The Florida connection is another factor. If you’re moving to the Sunshine State, or already live here and are in transition, the buying and selling forecast is even sunnier.

Here’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to sell your home in winter.

Less competition

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it can be important if you must list your home while there’s a foot of snow on the ground.

Fewer homes on the market mean fewer choices for potential buyers. It also gives your home much more of a spotlight. Home sellers and buyers doing the same off-season thing likely will be more inclined to give your current home a good look, because they don’t have as many options to consider.

That’s more motivation to make sure the home you want to sell is sparkling-clean, inviting and market-ready.

Off-season buyers and sellers are motivated

You can relate, right? Many off-season home buyers and sellers are doing it for a specific reason — often career or personal changes — and want to make it happen within a reasonable amount of time. Many also face personal or work-related deadlines to move.

This can mean perfectionism isn’t as much of a factor. Small flaws that can stall buyers during the traditional selling season — nicks on baseboards, uncomplimentary paint colors — aren’t deal-breakers during the offseason. Because there’s less market inventory, buyers tend to overlook imperfections rather than continue to seek the “perfect” new home.

Spring provides a safety net

If you’re still leery about selling your current home during the winter or finding a new home that fits you and your household, remember that warmer weather isn’t far away.

Shelving those moving plans until spring can remain an option as long your schedule, and personal and work demands, allow you to wait.

Why it’s different in Florida

Florida residents do have an advantage about deciding when to sell their current home.

That seasonal-only buying and selling tenet doesn’t apply here, where housing supply and demand remains viable for all 12 months.

The year-round mild climate keeps the market active nearly all the time, although it revs up considerably during the spring and summer — the traditional selling season for colder climates. End-of-year holidays also can cause a few weeks’ pause, but Florida real estate is active in any season.

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