First-Time Home Builder? The Design Session, Explained

When you decide to buy a home, you either buy an existing home or a new home.

Usually, the second option is more involved. We say “usually” because you might buy a fixer-upper and spend the next 10 years doing the fixing up yourself! If that’s your thing, go for it. If you’re reading this, chances are it’s not, which is okay too.

When you buy a new home, you (usually) have two options. You either buy an inventory home — a completed new home ready for move-in — or have one built from the ground up.

A third option is discovering an inventory home in the early stages of construction and deciding its lot and floorplan is perfect for your household. This gives you the opportunity to be involved in decisions about interior and exterior finishes, which is similar to building a home from scratch.

The “opportunity to be involved in decisions about interior and exterior finishes” is what we’re getting at. We’re speaking to you, potential home buyers who may have bought existing homes, but never had one built from scratch.

There’s an important step to the home-building process that many buyers might overlook if they’re new to it. It’s called a design session.

Let us introduce you.

You don’t really have to “design” your home

That’s why we at ICI Homes hire talented builders and plan designers! You don’t have to decide on the major building blocks of your new home and dictate them to a builder. You merely choose one of our more Model Homethan 100 customer-favorite floorplans, then consult with one of our builders or design pros if you’d like to make it a bit more your own.

Customization — often at no or low cost — is one of ICI Homes’ trademarks. We’ve built all over the state of Florida for nearly four decades, and we pride ourselves on helping buyers bump out a garage wall, add an extra utility-room sink, or create a walk-in bedroom closet where there was none. And, those are only a fraction of the possible customized tweaks.

But, customization isn’t the design session we’re talking about…

You do have to visit the design center

“Arrgh!” you might say. “Not for me.”

Well, it must be, because can’t build a home for you without your input.

The design session is an appointment at the ICI Homes Design Center, where you’ll work with one of our professional design consultants to select all the interior finishes and materials for your new home.

Think of it as a guided tour through only the necessary departments at your local home improvement warehouse. This is your final step before our builders can start construction. They’ll need to know what cabinets to install, which colors of paint go where, and the grout you want for your bathroom tile.

It’s not something you can knock out on your lunch break, but a design session isn’t to be dreaded. Simply think of how you’d like the interior of your new home to look, or print out some online photos to illustrate. Or, build a Pinterest board.

You know the household colors, textures and materials you’re attracted to and those that repel. Pair those basic likes and dislikes with our design consultants’ guidance, and you’ll conquer that mountain of flooring samples in no time!

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