Answers to Why on Earth You’d Want to Move to Florida

The problem with moving to Florida is that inevitably, some folks will think that’s not a good idea. And they have no compunction about telling you.

Never mind if you must move to Florida because (A) your boss says so, (B) your in-laws or parents have promised to babysit every day if you’ll live within driving distance, or (C) you have family or personal concerns that aren’t our business, but require no explanation to anyone.

While we at ICI Homes are happy to claim Florida as our home state, we know it sparks resistance for people who’re unfamiliar with, or tentative about living here. So, you hear things like:

“It’s so blasted hot.”

“There are no hills.”

“I don’t want to live in a tourist trap.”

Yikes. To ease everyone’s mind, we’ve compiled a handy (and amusing) brochure that drop-kicks some of those cliches in an entertaining manner. If you haven’t found it already, grab it here. Then, read on for a few reasons why on earth you’d want to move to Florida.

Natural beauty and recreation

Moving to FloridaCommon sense says most people understand the appeal of beautiful beaches, even if they’re not beach enthusiasts.

That said, there’s so much more to outdoor recreation choices in Florida than our 825 miles of beaches — and all those miles are markedly different, depending where you are in the state.

There are underground fresh-water caves to dive in in the Panhandle. There are 37 state forests to explore and camp in — all with varied terrains and foliage. There are hundreds of miles of biking, hiking and fitness trails. Superior canoeing and kayaking. Crystalline fresh-water springs.

All made lovelier by Florida’s temperate climate.

Crowds only when you want them

Who says Florida is choked with visitors, bumper-to-bumper traffic and non-stop development? If you drive a major interstate in any major metropolitan area at rush hour, you’ll encounter all that. Florida cities are no different.

But you’ll also find 26 state-designated, jaw-dropping scenic highways, where most of what you’ll pass is natural splendor, historic sites and wildlife (yield to alligators).

And here’s another nugget for folks concerned about your impending move to Florida: charming small towns, suburbs and new master-planned communities exist all over the state, most with relatively painless access to major cities, services and transportation hubs.

What about those crowd-magnet, world-renowned Florida attractions? You can enjoy them any time now, rather than once a year on vacation. And many offer a Florida residents’ discount.

The best of both worlds

The summers are hot here. Exactly like winters are frigid in Minnesota. But Floridians know how to chill, and with more than air conditioning. We like our screened-in, shaded porches and ceiling fans. A cooling dip in an ocean or pool. And daily afternoon thunderstorms — nature’s air conditioning.

But if the thought of a Florida summer is intimidating, considering being a seasonal resident. Millions of people do. They enjoy our amazing winters (another blog for another time) then head north during the summer.

Ready for your Florida lifestyle? Talk to ICI Homes here.