Rest Easy: Tips For Planning Your Master Suite

One of the fun parts about building a new custom home is designing its master suite. If your current home contains one, you’ll likely want one in your new custom Florida home, and you’ll probably want to incorporate some lessons learned from your soon-to-be-ex-master-suite.

Read on for our tips for planning your new master suite.Master suite with neutral tones and cool blues with a red accent and great outdoor view

You want space, but not too much

It’s temping to max out this part of your floor plan. The idea of flopping on a cushy sofa away from the rest of the house is tantalizing, but consider how you use your home.

If you only require a relaxing place to sleep, shower, get ready for morning rush hour and to read at night, don’t overdo your square-footage allocation. A living area within your new master suite is wasted space if all it attracts is dust and laundry.

On the other hand, we all know no home has enough closets. Don’t skimp on those.

You want maximum privacy

This means peace, quiet and enough solid doors to ensure it. No video games or home theater blaring on the opposite side of your master-suite walls. Nor do you want to be near traffic spots such as kitchens and garage entrances.

If your new master suite is on the ground floor, site it out of circulation. You’ll reduce the possibility that a guest or repair person will open the wrong door and see a frumpy, unmade bed and that aforementioned laundry.

One hint: we at ICI Homes love barn doors — with their cool design impact — as much as you do, but they’re not effective noise blockers. Try them elsewhere in your new custom home.

You want to plan your bathroom and closets

It’s still true you can’t have too many closets. Site them well, however. Examine your floor plan to be sure closet doors don’t open against each other. Extra storage isn’t helpful when someone opens the linen closet and blocks someone else trying to exit the shower or lavatory.

Another must-have is a door that minimizes bathroom and personal appliance noise at 5 a.m. It’s a peace-keeper if two people share a master suite and begin their mornings at different times.

You want an awesome view

We don’t mean of the 70-inch TV! Master-suite windows can frame a lovely pool, blooming flower beds or courtyard fountain. Maximize those exterior vistas that exist naturally, or those you’ll create in your new backyard oasis. Simply remember to install shades or other window coverings for after-hours privacy.

You want show-stopper lighting

Not floodlights. Think subtle. Perhaps recessed tubes that highlight the painted octagon ceiling or an art collection. If you’re a reader, good bedside lighting is a must.

How about motion-sensor theater lighting that glows unobtrusively, yet guides the way for overnight bathroom pit stops?

You want your furniture to fit

A new master suite won’t work for you if the antique bed you inherited won’t fit in it. The bed rules the design scheme here, so make sure its placement fits what you own (or will buy).

Same goes for dressers or chests. And seating areas. If you plan on a bench at the foot of the bed for lounging dogs, stacking blankets or plopping down to put on shoes, you won’t be happy if there’s little room to utilize it.

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