Junior Designers: Helping Kids Decorate Their New Rooms!

Your family contains little ones and you’ve just moved into a new custom Florida home, or perhaps you’re preparing to do so. The moving experience can be hectic and sometimes unsettling for young children, so we’re here with a few fun tips on how to help your small guys and gals settle into their new abodes.

Although stacked moving boxes might seem overwhelming, let’s begin with the children’s bedrooms. Plan to unpack their belongings first (after household necessities, of course), then peruse theseLet your little ones have a bit of fun personalizing their new home when kids design rooms. tricks for helping your kids decorate their new rooms.

No-theme is the way to go

Resist the urge to force a decorating theme on your child. We at ICI Homes know how tempting that is! A parental pothole, isn’t it? There’s so much awesome inspiration everywhere and you truly want your child to have a cool space. We offer several theme-free suggestions further below.

For now, consider the practicality of not locking your time and energy into one design. Your seven-year-old son may be baseball crazy, but that’s not a great reason to turn his bedroom into a dugout. Do you want to redecorate when he switches allegiance to soccer six months from now?

Use kids’ favorite colors

You probably know them — superhero neon, hot pink and anything glitter. “Not sure I can look at that every day,” you say. That’s okay. Head for your nearest hardware or home improvement store — yes, with the kids — and together, prowl through paint swatches.

Allow them to pick a few favorite colors, then choose softer shades of those colors for walls and ceilings. Save the neon and glitter for accent items such as a bathroom stool, or…

Decorate with your child’s name

Here’s where a small dose of hot pink makes a big impact. Visit craft stores for large wooden letters that spell your child’s name, or better yet, take the kids along to choose the size, design and fonts for themselves (it’s okay if the mismatched result looks like one of those Captcha codes).

Use the pink paint on those letters — switch paint colors, too, if your child likes the idea. One color for one letter, another color for another letter, and so on. Hang their painted name in a place of honor.

Repeat the paint exercise at a fabric store

Sure you can! Even if you don’t know how to thread a needle. Once your child chooses a few patterns, find a seamstress who can turn those fabrics into fun accent pillows or a throw.

Use kids’ favorite belongings as design props

Here’s why we suggested you abandon the idea of a decorating theme. Kids have all sorts of likes and dislikes, but they always have particular things they love.

Back to the baseball example: find inexpensive felt pennants of your seven-year-old’s favorite teams. Use them as wall art. Arrange his T-ball trophies on a cute shelf. Allow him to select a special basket or crate to hold his bats, baseballs and gloves. Hang a replica jersey of his favorite major-league baseball player on the exterior of his closet door. You get the picture!

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