What Working Women Want in a New Home

No matter the industry, job or career path, women who command board rooms, teams, divisions and departments usually know what they want and need when it’s time to buy a new home. For dual-career couples, the new-home search can be tricky unless both partners’ job requirements are compatible. Convenience, commutes and access to work sites all are critical factors. So how do women balance their work needs when choosing a new home? Read on.

They need a home office

Or a studio, drafting table or writing room. Regardless of the types of jobs or careers, working women are as big a part of today’s ongoing telecommuting trend as men, and need space at home What working women want in a new homethat fits their work style. They may spend most of their weekday hours away from home, in an office or other offsite location, but can work from home when necessary (sick child, new-appliance delivery) or by choice if they have that freedom. This means they’ll need home space to support their work function. An extra bedroom, a nook carved from central living areas or a bonus room reclaimed from an attic, all are good work-solution candidates in a new home.

Location, location, location

Many couples must chose a new home in a location that favors the partner with the higher salary. Not always ideal, we know. But in today’s work world, women increasingly make as much — and sometimes more — money as men. So, many women find their careers are the deciding factor for their household’s new location. That means living nearer their offices, businesses, studios and stores, for example. Travel also can be a consideration. Working women who travel as part of their jobs likely will prefer a new home with easy access to interstates, airports or public transportation.

A new home with potential resale value

Women ascending career ladders probably are aware of their odds of being transferred or promoted to a new position elsewhere — maybe out of state or even overseas. Even if they’re not on a promotion track, it’s always smart to consider the possibilities of economic changes, career switches or (ugh) layoffs. Buying a new home in a desirable community, in a popular town or area, makes that home easier and quicker to sale if the boss walks in with a can’t-turn-it-down career opportunity.

Room for family

This works for younger women anticipating starting families at some point, and older women caring for elderly parents or other family members. Working women who want to start families will want a new home that incorporates an owners’ suite near a nursery bedroom. Many families also prefer homes with bedrooms on the same level, near the laundry room.

Working women with live-in parents and/or in-laws may want a mini-apartment or suite for those older adults in a separate part of the house. Working women who have teenagers? They want a pool! Perhaps a big back yard for dogs, games and summer kitchens.

If you’re a working woman searching for your next new home, or know a female co-worker, friend or family member who is, ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Home Builder. Talk to us here.